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ReDesign Blog Fall Inspiration

With the colors of autumn painting the world outside, there’s a desire to reflect that beauty indoors. As designers, we know that drawing inspiration from nature, especially during Fall, creates interiors that resonate deeply with homeowners. 

Social media, in this context, is invaluable. It not only offers a platform for designers to showcase their unique interpretations of Fall trends but also to engage with a community that thrives on innovation and creativity.

Three Fall-Inspired Design Trends to Share on Social Media:

1. Embrace Rustic Charm with Copper Accents

As the golden hues of fall blanket the outdoors, bringing those tones inside can add warmth and elegance. Rustic design elements are eternally charming, and what better way to complement them than with copper? This metal, with its rich orange and pink undertones, beautifully mirrors the autumnal palette. Whether it’s a copper-framed mirror or rustic kitchen accessories, these accents can elevate any space.

2. Nature’s Touch: Bring the Outdoors In

Fall is a celebration of nature’s grandeur. Incorporating elements like dried leaves, pinecones, or even acorns as centerpieces or wall art can infuse spaces with an organic touch. These items, easily found during a stroll in the park, can be the highlights of your next Instagram post or Pinterest board, emphasizing the beauty in simplicity.

3. Wrap up in Coziness: Textured Fabrics Everywhere

As the temperatures drop, the need for coziness rises. Think soft throws, chunky knits, and plush cushions. Sharing a picture of a reading nook adorned with these cozy fabrics, or a bedroom made snug with layered bedding, can inspire and captivate your social media followers.

Final Thoughts:
For designers, social media isn’t just a tool; it’s a canvas. Fall offers the perfect backdrop to create, share, and engage. So, as you embrace these autumn-inspired trends, remember to capture and share them with the world, further solidifying the symbiotic relationship between design and social media.

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Jill Taylor, USC™, UFSC™, UCPO™
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If you have any questions or would like to enroll by phone, please call 1.888.883.2688