Home Stager Success: 6 Essential Traits to Master

Six Traits of A Successful Home Stager

Do you remember as a child, the excitement of career day at school? Perhaps your parent even came in. Whether they did or not, it was always so interesting to hear what adults did all day when we weren’t with them. As a child, it is so hard to imagine where adults go and what they do. Our limited knowledge-base of what a job is, and what is actually possible for people to do for a living, conspire to stunt our views of what a career can be. 

It seems ironic then that not too many years later, teachers expect young adults to know what they want to be when they grow up! This is after all, a very lofty decision; you need to know what interests you, what you are good at, and whether or not it is a career you can make money at. Perhaps you are still making this decision? Or perhaps you are dreaming of beginning a new career? Either way, you want to do it right and choose one on purpose!

If you have either bought or sold a home lately, you have probably experienced the work of a Professional Home Stager. Home Stagers create warm, inviting spaces that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in. With a trained, objective pair of eyes, they highlight positive features and minimize negative ones. They help purchasers visualize a lifestyle, by removing the personal touches, clutter and excess furniture of the present homeowners. 

Does this sound like something that you would enjoy doing? Then perhaps becoming a Home Stager is the ideal career path for you. But how do you know if it is the right fit? After all, your childhood memories of career day may have faded, but that does not lessen the enormity of this decision. Now that you are an adult, you understand what is involved in having a job. You know it takes knowledge, skills, and hard work to create a successful career. So what are the specific traits of a successful home stager?

Traits of a Successful Home Stager

#1. Passionate

In order for you to be successful as a Home Stager, you must have a passion for what this career focuses on; how to transform any property into an appealing space. This ability to create a warm feeling of welcome, enables  81% of potential purchasers to easily imagine a property as their future home. Isn’t that amazing? Successful Stagers are passionate about creating a “wow factor”; that impressive ambience that sells homes quicker and for more money. A love for decorating is imperative as well, but don’t worry, you don’t need to know everything before you begin. You are able to develop through knowledge and training, the finer points of design such as colour theory and other stylistic details.

#2. Intuitive

Did you know that most buyers have trouble visualizing the potential of an un-staged home? It’s true: they simply cannot see beyond what is currently presented. Successful Home Stagers are able to walk into a home and intuitively know what needs to be removed, what needs to be relocated, and what additional decorating details will give the home a spacious, appealing feel. They have the ability to visualize the optimal flow of every room, what furniture is best suited for the space, and where it should go. Instinct enables a successful Home Stager to see the potential in any home.

#3. Possess People/Communication Skills

Home Stagers need to be able to build a rapport with homeowners, real estate agents, painters, movers, contractors etc. You need to be approachable, friendly and trustworthy, especially with homeowners. After all, within minutes of meeting them, you will be poking around in their closets and cupboards, and initiating difficult conversations with them. You need to be empathetic and tactful; discussions centered on what personal items need removing, or what home improvements need to be done, can be very upsetting to some homeowners. Possessing people skills, allows a successful Home Stager to work with any personality type.

#4. Organized

Home Stagers wears many hats: they stage homes, conduct consultations, handle billing, pay expenses, prospect for clients, network with real estate agents and home builders, shop for accessories and furniture, source rentals, track down errant furnishings, schedule movers, painters and other help, and update their website with new projects and testimonials. They need to be on time, meet all project deadlines, and stay within a budget. Can you imagine conducting a business as exciting as Home Staging, if you are not organized? Successful Home Stagers plan, prepare and professionally organize every detail of their business.

#5. Confident

Successful Home Stagers believe in their own abilities. They know that they have the knowledge, training and skills to transform any home into an appealing property for sale. They are prepared and organized, and exhibit a zest for life. They are pursuing their passion, creating a career doing something that they love.

#6. Entrepreneurial/business minded

Successful Home Stagers have a vision for their business; they have an interest in running it and making a profit. They also have specific goals and a strategic marketing plan to attain them. They know who their target customers are and how to reach them. As their own boss, they revel in setting their own schedule and know that it is their effort that will determine the positive result of all of their hard work. They take pride in creating a career that they can be proud of.

Standout Traits of a Successful Home Stager

There are specific traits that are not imperative, but that will make a successful Home Stager a standout.

#1. The ability to tell a story through effective home staging that creates a mood for the potential home buyer.

#2. Adaptable. When a project throws you a curve ball, you are able to adapt and provide a successful solution.

#3. Detail oriented. Every detail matters including: accessories, lighting and colour.

#4. Curious. Always asking questions and seeking knowledge about the latest styles and trends.

#5. Resourceful. A successful Home Stager will be able to work with what is available in new and creative ways.

The goal of Home Staging is to create a space that appeals to the majority of potential purchasers. In order to be successful at this endeavour, a Home Stager needs to possess specific traits. While some may be innate, other traits can be taught. The Certified UltimateStager™ Program at Ultimate Academy® prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills and confidence that are required, in order to build a successful Home Staging career.

With your passion and the proper training, you will have created your ideal career, on purpose!

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