The Magic of One-Day Room Makeovers

The Magic of One-Day Room Makeovers

So you bit the bullet and decluttered your home. Good for you! Now you’re ready to take it up a notch style-wise. Where do you start? You’re not alone if that question causes trepidation. According to a recent survey, 47% of Americans haven’t updated their home décor in 5 years, with 9% not having updated in more than 10 years. 

While that may seem excessive (with most of us attempting some sort of room redecorating every 3-4 years) this can be an overwhelming and expensive task. And unless you have just moved into a new home, most of us don’t need to do a whole-home makeover. What’s the solution? With the help of a Certified Ultimate Decorator and ReDesigner™, the perfect solution could very well be a One-Day Room Makeover.

What is it?

A one-day room makeover is a short-term decorating and redesigning project. In one day a Certified Ultimate Decorator and ReDesigner™ will re-do a room utilizing some of the homeowners personal items including furniture, artwork, and accessories. It is an ideal way to freshen up a room that hasn’t been updated in some time. 

The process may include room rearrangement, painting, and perhaps the purchase of some new items. The end result is a refreshed, professionally redesigned room that is functional and inviting.

Who is it for?

  • A one-day room makeover is ideal for homeowners who are eager for quick decorating results. This is perfect for someone who is expecting company or are hosting a special event and want to show off their home. As well, some homeowners just don’t have the patience to wait through a redecorating project that could take weeks or months. 
  • Not everyone is looking for renovation or remodelling either. Having a one-day room makeover takes the wait-time out of the equation and produces immediate results.
  • No time to dedicate to a redecorating project? Families are often very busy with work, family and extra-curricular activities. There just doesn’t seem to be enough extra time to allot to home projects. And when you do finally have a chance to spend some quality time at home, you may not want to spend it redecorating. A professional decorator/re-designer will produce immediate results while you go on about your daily life, all within a single day.
  • One-day room makeovers are perfect for individuals who are currently leasing or renting. In this situation there are often many rules involved in what can be altered. Furthermore, because the living arrangements may not be permanent, not only is time a factor to consider, but so is budget allowance. A temporary home may not be the place to invest a lot of either time or money.
  • Not everyone considers decorating to be a fun way to spend a day, nor does everyone have the knack for it. By utilizing a professional decorator/re-designer, re-doing a room becomes a stress-free home improvement project. It simply eliminates the stress of trying to design the space on your own.
  • Similarly, not everyone considers shopping for home décor items enjoyable either. For some, it is a question of knowing where or how to start. If you’re not comfortable shopping for the one-day room makeover, the decorator/re-designer will happily do it for you.
  • A one-day room makeover is perfect for someone who follows trends. It is a fantastic way to incorporate new, trendy items, colours or textures, while keeping your own personal style intact.

A one-day room makeover is ideal for homeowners who are on a budget. As the decorator/re-designer uses some of the existing furniture, linen, and décor, it is a fantastic way to achieve a “new” room while saving money.

What are the benefits?

  • A one-day room makeover is a fantastic way to see immediate results. A professional decorator/re-designer has the ability to freshen up a room with a trained eye, all within a day.
  • A homeowners’ own items are used in the one-day room makeover, making it extremely economical. It is a very cost-effective way to redecorate even if you’re not on a budget.
  • A one-day room makeover can change and uplift the mood in a specific space. A tired, dated décor can be revived to become warm, welcoming and more functional. Homeowners often get stuck simply by seeing a room every day. With professional assistance, furniture placement alone has the ability to alter the flow of a room, making it feel like new.
  • By utilizing the existing furniture, décor and/or accessories, a one-day room makeover maintains the specific taste of the homeowner. Personal style is very important and often an individual has taken time and care to collect these meaningful items.
  • Trends can be incorporated while maintaining the integrity of the homeowners’ current personal style. According to Liza Wrigley, a digital marketing manager at Anglian Home Improvements, “following classic styles with just a few choice on-trend items can ensure your house stays perfectly fashionable, and provides excellent value for your money too”

The benefits of a one-day room makeover are so amazing, it’s almost like magic. By utilizing some of a homeowner’s furniture, décor, linen and accessories, a tired room becomes a fresh, functional, warm and inviting space. A Certified Ultimate Decorator and ReDesigner™ will make it a cost-effective, stress-free home improvement project with immediate results.  

The big reveal at the end of the day will make your old room disappear!

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SALE - Save Up To $1200 On Your 1st Course
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