Indoor Plants and Feng Shui: Creating Great Chi

Indoor Plants and Feng Shui Creating Great Chi

Many of us believe that plants can bring life into any space. Their very presence, colour, and energy can often make us feel more alive. For those that practice Feng Shui, there are reasons why specific plants should be placed within our home or work space. 

Good Feng Shui energy in our homes and workplaces allows for us to create life enhancing environments and thus allows for us to thrive and feel our best. Knowing which plants are beneficial can be just the boost you need when trying to create the best chi.

Creating Great Chi:

Everything in the universe is made up of molecules which bounce against each other and create motion or vibration. This vibration is called chi. Chi is a positive phenomenon and those that practice Feng Shui believe that if your environment is arranged in a way that circulates this life-force energy, you will flourish and create harmony and balance in life. Plants are an addition to every day life that affects the circulation of chi and can activate positive energy. So where should you start?

Benefits of plants:

There are benefits to introducing plants to your home and workplace that are specific to Feng Shui.

  • Living, breathing plants bring in fresh, vital chi. By introducing life to an environment, plants help to generate feelings of vitality and energy. This living energy is imperative in creating a clear space for chi to flow.

Plants freshen the air and improve air quality. Some help to purify the air by lowering CO2 levels, while others help by removing dust, mould, and bacteria. Some plants absorb every day toxins from EMF (electromagnetic fields) which are emitted from electronic devices. This can be especially advantageous in a home office, or workplace.

Choosing your plants:

Many of us choose our plants based on appearance. However, when practicing Feng Shui there are specific plants which are considered “good”. Some of these plants have physical benefits, some have symbolic benefits, while others combine both.

  • One of the plants considered to be “good” regarding creating great chi is the Lucky Bamboo. This plant is said to create a peaceful and wise energy when added to a living or working environment. The plant has stalks and the number of these stalks represents meaning as well. For instance, if the Lucky Bamboo plant has two stalks it will bring great chi to your relationship, as this life area is represented by the number two.
  • The Golden Pothos is a plant which embodies both the physical and the symbolic. Physically it is very effective at removing chemicals from the air thus aiding in purification of a home or workplace. However, it is also purported to bring life to areas that collect dead energy such as above cabinets and shelving.
  • The shape of a plant’s leaves is also important regarding symbolism; round leaves are the same shape as coins and therefore are associated with money. The Jade Plant, also referred to as the Money Plant, has round leaves. These plants represent good fortune, abundance and wealth and are said to attract positive energy. As you can imagine, this plant makes a popular housewarming or wedding gift as its presence is said to invite wealth and prosperity.
  • Chrysanthemums are popular as they help to ease feelings of anxiety and promote optimism. Although there are varieties of many colours, the golden yellow flowers are said to represent the sun and its ability to provide a warm energy. Furthermore, the Chrysanthemum plant is the ancient symbol of fall and is especially lucky when brought inside during the autumn season.
  • A plant which combines both the physical and the symbolic is the Boston Fern. It is said to once again purify the air of everyday chemicals which makes it an ideal plant for improving air quality. Furthermore, the lushness of its foliage makes it a very welcoming plant and is perfect for the front entrance to a home or business.
  • Flowers are in a separate category as they bring their own energy depending on colour. For instance, red or pink flowers will bring the element of fire and this can bring great chi in specific situations.
  • As well, any plant can introduce and represent the five elements of Feng Shui. These five elements are very powerful and interact with each other in many ways. They include wood, earth, water, metal and fire. All living plants represent wood, and the rocks or soil which fill the planter represent earth. 
  • The water that the plant requires clearly represents water, and metal can be represented by the placement of a metal coin in the planter. Finally, fire can be represented by placing a red ribbon around the planter or the plant itself. It is good luck to have one plant which represents all five elements.

There are some plants that are even considered to be “bad”:

  • Spiky plants such as cacti, are undesirable to place in your home or workplace. They are purported to cause arguments because of their sharp points. Additionally they can attack one’s sense of security, put us on guard, and create discomfort.
  • Plants with droopy foliage such as ivy plants are bad as they can drag down energy levels. As you can imagine, when these plants are placed in a work space this can be detrimental to productivity.
  • Any plant, even a Lucky Bamboo, can attract negative chi. The emphasis here is on the energy of the plant itself. It will only create great chi if it is healthy, vibrant and lush. Dead plants, even blooms or foliage, should be removed immediately in order to prevent negative energy.

Plants have the unique ability to refresh the air and rejuvenate chi. They can help to create an environment which encourages a positive flow of energy and this can have considerable effects on our finances, health, happiness and personal relationships. 

Yet another reason to go green!

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