Balanced Yin & Yang: Feng Shui Basics for Harmonious Spaces

What is the Best Way to Balance Yin and Yang in Your Home

In so many ways, life is all about balance. We try to strike the right equilibrium in regards to our diets, our health, our cheque-books, and our homes. It is even a pervasive theme in literature and movies; after all, many heroes in popular novels and comic books have been created out of need for a balance between good and evil. 

Achieving balance and harmony in our lives is a central theme in Feng Shui as well, and although it was developed over 5000 years ago, its theories still remain relevant. One such theory focuses on the invisible influences of energy that affect our environments. 

Just what are these energies that are present in our homes and workplaces? Chi, which is the Feng Shui energy all around us, contains two primary forces: Yin and Yang. Although these two are opposing energies, they are deeply rooted within one another. Balancing Yin and Yang creates environments in which harmony, success and happiness occur. So how do we create good Feng Shui and strike the right balance between Yin and Yang? To help us we turn to the tools that the ancient Chinese art and science of Feng Shui gives us. 

What is Yin Energy?

Yin is the feminine energy represented by cool, still or passive environments, dark colours, and closed, quiet spaces. Too much Yin energy can lead to a lack of motivation or initiative, an inability to concentrate, and depression. 

What is Yang Energy?

Yang is the masculine energy represented by hot, active environments, light, bright colours, and open, lively spaces. Too much Yang energy can lead to restlessness, anxiety, stress, and anger.

How to Balance Yin and Yang in Your Home:

Both Yin and Yang nourish you in different, equally necessary ways and as such, are important energies to have in your home. When one is out of balance, the house itself can become overloaded with that energy. But what exactly does it mean to achieve equilibrium? By definition, balance is “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions”. 

Each room in your home has a different function and because of this, each requires a different proportion of Yin and Yang; some spaces require a stronger presence of one or the other. “For the best Feng Shui, it’s up to you to create the ideal Yin/Yang balance for each room in your home, depending on its role in your life”.

Your bedroom is used for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. As such, Yin is the primary energy required. You will sleep much better if your room has not only a cool temperature, but cool, dark coloured walls. The feelings that you want to generate in your bedroom are feminine in nature, according to Feng Shui theory. Use low lighting, create a quiet and cool environment, and decorate with gentle, soft textures. 

However, remember to include Yang elements in order to create a sense of balance. Use lighting that can be turned up, decorate with small, warm coloured accents, and hang artwork with bright, lively colours. In other words, incorporate Yang energy into the background in subtle ways. 

  • Tip: Exercise equipment should never be placed in the bedroom as it creates very strong Yang energy. This can throw off the optimal balance of Yin and Yang and can affect your ability to rest and sleep well.

Your living room and kitchen should both have an emphasis on Yang, as the activities taking place therein require more energy. Keep in mind though that although the naturally occurring activity creates Yang, that alone won’t be enough of an emphasis. Therefore, use bright, vibrant colours in a living room and incorporate more masculine features such as a television. 

Remember to include some Yin elements in order to generate a balance of Yin and Yang. This can be accomplished with a relaxed, comfortable environment incorporating soft furniture and images of soothing energy. A kitchen also requires Yin energy and this can be accomplished by decorating with a dark backsplash. 

  • Tip: In both rooms use lighting with dimming capabilities. When the balance of Yang becomes too strong, simply dim the lights in order to create a darker, more closed-in feeling, which will generate more Yin energy.

When the imbalance is not specific to one room, balancing Yin and Yang requires a more generalized approach. There are in fact, factors that can affect the overall equilibrium simply due to their existence. One such contributor is clutter; the stagnant energy created by clutter is a large negative cause of Yin. “A dirty, dusty, clutter-filled home pulls in more negative energy as time goes on”. By cleaning on a regular basis, balancing Yin and Yang occurs naturally.

  • Tip: Never use clutter as a method of creating Yin, as it will bring unwanted negative energy into your home.

Overgrown bushes and hedges that cover up your windows can create a dark, closed in environment inside. This can generate Yin energy and create bad Feng Shui within your home. Ensure any outside shrubbery is well trimmed and not touching the windows.

  • Tip: Plant bright, vibrant flowering shrubs and place urns with colourful blooms at your front entrance. This will ensure your home is constantly filled with plenty of Yang energy.

Inviting people and animals into your home will generate naturally occurring Yang energy as well. The energy and activity created by the movement and noise will work a long way towards balancing Yin and Yang in any home.

  • Tip: When alone, turn up the lights and music in order to generate Yang energy.

Good Feng Shui can be created when we strike the right balance between Yin and Yang. Although there are tools that we can use to create this equilibrium, it can be difficult to know exactly how to remedy any imbalances. A Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™ is trained to bring balance, harmony and good chi into your home. 

They can help you explore Yin and Yang, and apply them in order to help you to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

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