Confidence For Success

Confidence For Success

Become the CONFIDENT person you have always dreamed of being!

Did you know: Self-confidence is the MOST important ingredient for achieving success!

Our 3-Day Confidence for Success™ certificate course is designed to show you what the characteristics of successful people look like, and how to develop them.

We show you how to, not only avoid “confidence killers”, but how to develop a new set of “confidence builders”.

Our program demonstrates how your biology, emotions and physical well-being are all connected, and how to develop positive lifestyle habits and routines.

You will learn how to “retrain” your brain to “reset” your perspective, as well as how to set achievable goals and utilize your time effectively.

Although all of our courses are designed to empower you, to build your confidence, and to give you specific skills, this certificate course is completely focused on helping you to develop a skillset that will ensure your success in any vocation, in your career as well as in your life. 

CFS™ Confidence For Success™ Certification

The CFS™ is a premium Confidence For Success™ Certification. Displaying the CFS™
Certification reflects that you have been professionally trained and certified and
operate with the highest Code of Conduct reflecting the highest ethical standards and confidence.
It verifies your professionalism and provides you with instant credibility.

Certification For Life

No Annual Certification Fees!

Ultimate Academy® Graduates are not required to pay any annual certification fees.
At Ultimate Academy® you have continued complimentary membership for life.

In Our Confidence For Success Course, you will learn…

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Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

With our unique training system, we teach you how to utilize specific, actionable brain-training activities and techniques to build better self-confidence, in just 3 days!

This certificate course is designed to help you explore your strengths as well as the areas that require development.

We work to create a customized plan that will define YOUR vision of success and how to achieve it.

In this course, YOU will be in control. We will give you the tools and techniques to recognize what works for you, so you can create a plan tailored to your unique vision of personal and professional success.

Our Confidence for Success Course Is Perfect For…

We show you how to, not only
avoid confidence killers, but
how to develop a new set of
confidence builders.

Included With Your Course

You Will Receive:

Confidence For Success™ is the course designed to teach you how to be the best version of you! When you change your attitude, you change your altitude! Soar to new heights with the power of your enhanced confidence!

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Confidence For Success Course

Ultimate Academy® – Leverage The Product Line

As a Confidence For Success™ graduate, graduates will be able to add CFS™ after their name. 

You will be able to integrate your Confidence For Success™ (CFS™) Certification with your other certifications. 

Displaying this certification will be a further enhancement to your credentials and branding. This will enable you to further differentiate yourself as a professional and it will provide multiple income streams. 

Our Confidence For Success Certification will perfectly complement any other Ultimate Academy® certifications. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Graduates may take unlimited class retakes of their course free of charge for 3 years!
Why do we offer this? We offer Free Unlimited class scheduled retakes of Ultimate Academy®
Confidence for Success Courses to give you peace of mind. Should you feel that given the vast amount of information
covered in the course, that you would benefit from attending the course again, you are welcome to do so.

Two Ways To Learn

3-Day Live Virtual Classroom

Self-Paced Home Study


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