Five Last Minute Staging Tips

Five Last Minute Staging Tips

Moving can be overwhelming with numerous decisions like choosing a new home or school. After deciding to sell, it’s time to transition. Hiring a realtor and home stager can expedite your sale, potentially at a higher price.

Realtors evaluate your home’s market value, advertise, and manage viewings. Home stagers, on the other hand, apply expertise to enhance its appeal. They employ neutral colors, strategic furniture placement, repairs, decluttering, and depersonalization. Proper staging differentiates your home, increasing its market value and appeal.

Once staged and listed, you’re set for the open house. However, even staged homes need last-minute adjustments. To prepare for the open house, here are 5 quick staging tips for a buyer-ready home.

Staging Tip #1: Deep Clean

The foremost task on viewing day is a thorough deep clean. A pristine house presents better, whereas a dirty one raises concerns about other neglected maintenance aspects. Buyers can’t overlook the visible dirt, dust, or grime as they’re too off-putting. Minute details, like dust on light bulbs or mirror smudges, can deter potential buyers. Ensure that overlooked spots, such as under furniture or behind appliances, are spotless.

Staging Tip #2: Declutter

Decluttering is paramount in staging. A cluttered space distracts buyers from your home’s features, making rooms seem congested, unkempt, and even unsanitary. Excess items, especially in closets or cabinets, may suggest inadequate storage, a critical factor for many buyers. Remember, buyers will inspect every storage area.

For the kitchen, declutter countertops. Store small appliances and ensure personal items like bills are organized. Also, give the refrigerator a clean facade by removing magnets, notes, and photos.

In bathrooms, all personal care products should be stowed, and the linen closet should appear orderly. Living rooms should be free from everyday items like toys and electronics. Bedrooms must emphasize comfortable bedding, organized closets, and minimalist furniture surfaces.

Staging Tip #3: Letting in the Light

As you clean and declutter, don’t forget to prioritize the lighting in each room. If the viewing is during the day, open all blinds and curtains to allow as much natural light as possible. Dark rooms can be unappealing. For nighttime viewings, ensure all lamps are turned on, lending a warm, cheerful ambiance to your home.

Staging Tip #4: Finishing Touches

Last-minute staging emphasizes those crucial finishing touches that create a significant “wow” factor. Enhance visual appeal with textured throws and pillows in the living room and bedrooms. Incorporating velvety, soft accessories allows for luxury and warmth without overwhelming the space.

Bright, colorful accents introduce contrast and infuse personality into the room. These subtle additions draw attention to specific selling features without dominating the space. When selecting these accessories, consider the lifestyle you want the home to portray.

A great tip to convey a homely feel is to set the kitchen and dining room tables as if for dinner. It evokes the warmth of family life and allows you to introduce some color. Layer neutral dishes with colorful ones and incorporate a seasonally appropriate centerpiece.

Staging Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Outside

First impressions matter immensely as buyers often form an opinion within the first 6 seconds. The home’s exterior offers your initial chance to captivate potential buyers. It’s essential to spruce up and declutter your front porch, walkway, and garage area.

Store away tools, hoses, shovels, and toys. Clean all hard surfaces of any debris and polish surfaces like railings, stairs, and outdoor furniture. Weeding is crucial; much like a dirty interior, visible weeds can diminish your home’s curb appeal.

Consider the front porch as an extension of your living space. Add cushions to chairs, introduce seasonally appropriate potted plants, and hang a wreath on the door. These touches not only welcome visitors but also highlight the home’s best features, signaling to potential buyers the care and maintenance invested in the property.

Certified UltimateStagers™, among other professional home stagers, apply their expertise to showcase your home in the best possible light.

By keeping these last-minute staging tips in mind, you’ll ensure your home makes a stellar first impression!

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