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5-Day Decorating & ReDesign Certification 

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5-Day Live Online Classroom

In this program, you will learn directly from Eileen Taylor, co-founder of Ultimate Academy®.

By becoming a UDRC™ Certified Decorator & ReDesigner™, you will gain the expertise to offer professional advice and transform your clients’ spaces. From selecting colors to arranging furniture, from decorating new spaces to executing one-day room makeovers, you will master a wide range of skills.

Our program also encompasses crucial business, sales, and marketing training, expertly instructed by business trainer and mentor, Greg Taylor.

Equipped with your comprehensive training, you will gain the confidence to establish your own successful business, expand your client base, and fulfill your dreams of becoming the Decorator and ReDesigner you’ve always aspired to be.

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Live online class

Join From Anywhere

We will be live streaming this 5-day class. Our instructors, Eileen and Greg, will be live on camera teaching the class. You will receive your manuals and course material before the course commences. 


This is an easy-to-use online learning experience facilitated via Zoom. You can participate from the comfort of your home; all you need is a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Interactive & Engaging

You will have the opportunity to interact with the instructors and fellow learners by asking questions and engaging in class discussion.

Our instruction style is interactive, engaging and motivational. You will learn all you need to know from industry experts.

Small Class Sizes

One of the benefits of our live online class is that we offer small intimate class sizes with 4 to 6 students per class for an interactive learning experience.

Class hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST Monday – Friday

All live online classes include access to the video recording of the online class. 

Upon completion of the course material and course work, you will receive the UDRC™ Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™ certification in recognition of your achievement.

Video Recording of Online Class

Watch Instructional Recordings 

These informative recordings are delivered by industry experts. Our instruction style is interactive, engaging, and motivational.

Additionally, you will receive online access to your manuals and course materials to get started right away.

No Timeline

Your decision sets the course timeline! There is no time limit, and you can take as long as you wish to watch the recordings of the Decorating & ReDesign course.

You can start reading the course materials and completing the coursework when you are ready to begin.

Work at Your Own Pace

You will complete the course content at your own pace, and you will complete exercises and quizzes as you progress through the course.

Each quiz and assignment is reviewed throughout the video recordings, so you will be able to hear the rationale for each answer.

You can submit your exercises to us for review and feedback. 

Contact Us Whenever

At Ultimate Academy®, we offer live and on-demand learning with continuous personalized mentoring to ensure you feel connected and engaged. 

We are here to serve you. We are just a call, click or text away. 

Upon completion of the course material and course work, you will receive the UDRC™ Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™ certification in recognition of your achievement.

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Included with Your 5-Day Course

Our program combines comprehensive descriptions of every aspect of the course with visuals to provide you with an optimal learning experience. It serves as your point of reference, not just during the program, but also after its completion

Certification to reflect your training

Obtain the UDRC™ Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner Certification to demonstrate your expertise

1000+ Page multi-volume manuals set & workbook

This multi-volume manual set & workbook will serve as your essential resource


Use these forms, templates and reports for efficiency and professionalism

marketing sessions to boost your new business

Learn from business specialist Greg Taylor, who will share his business knowledge gained over 25 years

benjamin moore fan
deck kit

Receive the Benjamin Moore Collections & Color Preview fan deck kit at no cost, shipped directly to you

free shipping of
course materials

When you order the hard copy manuals, we will ship them to you at no additional cost

UDRC™ Certification

Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™

UDRC™ Certification Seal

The UDRC™ is a premium Design Certification.

Displaying the UDRC™ Certification reflects that you have been professionally trained and certified and operate not only to the
systems of Ultimate Academy®, but also to the Code of Conduct reflecting the highest ethical standards.

This certification verifies your professionalism in the industry and provides you with instant credibility.

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submit your exercises for review & feedback (optional)


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Business Training

While possessing knowledge of Decorating & ReDesign is wonderful, it becomes infinitely more valuable when paired with business training that allows you to transform that knowledge into an additional income stream. 

This Decorating & ReDesign certification course not only educates you on the theoretical and practical components of Decorating & ReDesign, but also covers essential aspects of running a successful business. This course will include:

  • Business start-up and creation of your business plan
  • Business name selection and registration
  • Powerful and effective marketing and branding techniques
  • Proper pricing and quoting for your Decorating & ReDesign services
  • Client communication and consultation techniques to deliver exceptional service

Business Support Plan

This after-course support plan is also included for free with your course. We understand that certain aspects of starting your new Decorating & ReDesign career may be unfamiliar to you.

Imagine having access to your personal business guru. This plan offers the friendly and approachable support you require.

The Business Support Plan is specifically designed to get you doing what you love right away!

This support system has proven highly effective in assisting numerous students in pursuing their passion and becoming successful entrepreneurs. All of these services are provided by our Business Trainer and Coach, Greg Taylor.

Our Passion in Practice

Course Reviews From Our Graduates

600+ reviews
"I took the live Decorating course with Ultimate Academy and I had a great experience. The instructors were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I was amazed to know that even after completing the course, I could join the class any time I wanted for the next 3 years. The Ultimate Academy team is always ready to help at every step. Very impressive. Thank you Ultimate Academy. I am looking forward to learning more from you." Ps. Special thanks to Jill for being so patient".
Yogita P., USC™, UDRC™
Certified UltimateStager™ & Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™
"Thanks to the whole team at Ultimate Academy for an informative week in the Decorating and Redesign online class. It was well organized and I learned a great deal. Also nice to connect with other professionals looking to grow their business".
Tine, J., UDRC™
Certified Decorator & ReDesigner™
"Taking this course was such an amazing experience, especially starting in the decorating industry. I would 100% recommend taking this course for anyone that wants to start a career in decoration and redecorating . They make sure to give you all the tools to start a business as soon as the course is done. Both instructors were beyond friendly and aren't shy to go above and beyond to help!"
Chloe M., UDRC™
Certified Decorator & ReDesigner™
"I can't say enough about this academy. They are the sweetest and most helpful group around. Great pricing and subjects. I have always to wanted to do something with interior decorating and they have made this a dream come true for me. Thank you Ultimate Academy®. Now on to achieve making one client at a time or multiple happy."
Hannah L., UDRC™
Certified Decorator & ReDesigner™

Interested in Becoming a Decorator?

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from those considering this path

If you’re considering “how do I become an interior decorator,” it’s important to note that the process of becoming an interior decorator is different from that of a decorator. While interior decorators often require more extensive education in design principles, becoming a decorator focuses more on practical skills and an eye for aesthetics. 

Decorators can start their careers with less formal training, focusing on elements like color theory, furniture selection, and room layout to enhance the appearance of a space. Nevertheless, for those aiming to be active decorators working directly with clients, pursuing certification courses or further education is highly advisable. Here’s why: 

Professional Credibility: Certification adds a level of professionalism to your profile. It assures clients that you have a certain standard of knowledge and skills, making them more likely to trust and hire you. 

Updated Knowledge: The field of decorating is constantly evolving. Formal education keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends, materials, and techniques, ensuring that your designs remain fresh and relevant. 

Broader Skill Set: Courses and certifications often cover a wider range of topics than what you might learn on your own. This includes client communication, project management, and business practices, which are crucial for running a successful decorating business. 

Marketability: With a certification, you can market yourself more effectively. It serves as a testament to your dedication and expertise, helping you stand out in a competitive market. 

Confidence and Competence: Formal training not only equips you with technical skills but also builds confidence. This confidence translates into competence in handling various projects and client expectations. 

Higher Earning Potential: Certified decorators often have the potential to command higher fees due to their recognized qualifications and perceived value. 

In summary, while it’s possible to start a career in decorating with minimal training, investing in certification or further education is a wise decision for long-term success, especially when dealing with client-driven projects. It enhances your credibility, skill set, and overall marketability in the decorating industry.

While the journey to become an interior decorator can span years, the path to becoming a decorator can be significantly shorter. With programs such as those offered by Ultimate Academy®, you can rapidly complete your education. This 5-day live virtual course, encompassing a comprehensive 40-hour curriculum, enables you to achieve certification as a decorator in just five days. This swift and efficient learning model allows you to begin your business and entrepreneurship journey sooner rather than later.

It’s important to approach this accelerated learning path without rushing. The goal is to absorb and understand the essential principles thoroughly. Ultimate Academy® supports this approach by offering constant business support. This ongoing assistance is invaluable, as it ensures that you have the guidance and resources you need at every step of your career, from the initial stages of setting up your business to navigating the challenges of growing and expanding your client base. This blend of rapid certification and continuous support creates an ideal environment for aspiring decorators to launch their careers confidently and successfully.

Yes, you can learn the 7 principles of interior design through this course. These principles include balance, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, scale and proportion, harmony and unity, and details. The course covers these fundamental concepts, providing a solid foundation for creating cohesive and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces.

Here’s a brief definition of each of the 7 principles of interior design:

Balance: This principle involves distributing visual weight in a room to achieve a sense of equilibrium. It can be symmetrical (equal weighting on both sides), asymmetrical (different objects of similar visual weight), or radial (arrangements around a central point).

Rhythm: Rhythm in interior design refers to creating a visual tempo through repeated patterns, contrasts, or colors. It guides the eye smoothly around the room and can be achieved through repetition, progression, transition, or contrast.

Emphasis: This is about creating a focal point in a space. A room should have a central element that draws attention, such as a piece of art, a piece of furniture, or a unique architectural feature.

Contrast: Contrast is achieved by juxtaposing opposing elements next to each other, such as light and dark colors, smooth and textured surfaces, or round and angular shapes. This creates visual interest and dynamics in the space.

Scale and Proportion: Scale refers to the size of objects in relation to the space they occupy, while proportion refers to the relationship between the size of different elements. Proper scale and proportion ensure that the space and its contents feel harmonious.

Harmony and Unity: Harmony is achieved when all parts of the design form a cohesive whole, and unity refers to the sense that everything in the space belongs together. This is achieved by using consistent style, color, or texture.

Details: Attention to details in design enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space. This includes elements like trimmings, finishes, artwork, and decorative objects.

Absolutely. The market for decorators and redesigners is not only viable but also diverse and dynamic. Professionals in this field can explore multiple avenues for earning income:

  1. Residential Projects: Decorators and redesigners can work with homeowners to refresh and beautify their living spaces. This can involve selecting color schemes, furniture, and decorative elements, or rearranging existing furnishings to optimize the layout.

  2. Commercial Spaces: There is a significant demand for decorating services in commercial settings such as offices, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants. Here, the focus is on creating an environment that aligns with the brand’s image and enhances customer or employee experience.

  3. Real Estate Staging: Working in real estate staging involves preparing homes for sale. This niche market requires decorators to style homes in a way that appeals to potential buyers, often leading to quicker sales and higher selling prices.

  4. Event Decorating: From weddings and corporate events to parties and celebrations, decorators and redesigners can specialize in creating thematic and visually appealing settings for various events.

  5. Virtual Consultations: With the rise of technology, offering virtual decorating and redesign services is becoming increasingly popular. This includes providing online consultations, digital mock-ups, and shopping lists for clients.

  6. Workshops and Education: Experienced decorators can also generate income by conducting workshops, seminars, or online courses, sharing their knowledge and skills with others interested in the field.

  7. Freelance Opportunities: Many decorators work as freelancers, which allows them to take on diverse projects and clients, providing flexibility in workload and variety in work.

  8. Retail and Product Design: Some decorators expand into retail, selling home decor products, or collaborate with manufacturers to design custom pieces.

This field allows for creativity and flexibility, catering to various client needs and preferences. With skills in decoration and redesign, professionals can build a rewarding career, tailoring their services to specific market segments and client requirements.

Yes, it is possible to start a decorating business, although like any new venture, it can be challenging. Through Ultimate Academy®’s decorating and redesign course, you’ll gain the necessary business fundamentals to start and run your own decorating business. 

If you’re pondering “how do I become an interior decorator,” this course not only covers the creative aspects of decorating but also equips you with the business acumen needed to launch and sustain your own enterprise successfully.

Here’s how the course covers essential business fundamentals:

Pricing Strategies: The course teaches you how to effectively price your services. This includes understanding market rates, valuing your time and expertise, and creating pricing models that are fair to both you and your clients.

Business Plans: You’ll learn how to develop a robust business plan, which is a roadmap for your business. This plan outlines your business goals, strategies, potential challenges, and solutions.

Marketing Plans: The course covers the creation of effective marketing strategies to attract and retain clients. It includes lessons on digital marketing, social media presence, and traditional marketing methods.

Building Client Relationships: Essential skills in client communication and relationship management are taught, helping you build long-lasting and trust-based relationships with your clients.

Consultations: You’ll learn how to conduct professional client consultations. This involves understanding client needs, proposing ideas, and setting clear expectations for both parties.

Business Registration: The course guides you through the process of legally registering your business, helping you understand the different types of business structures and the benefits of each.

Sales Tax and Insurance: Understanding the financial aspects of running a business, including navigating sales tax requirements and choosing the right insurance to protect your business and your clients, is a key part of the curriculum.

Additional Business Skills: Beyond these, the course delves into other vital areas such as project management, time management, and maintaining a work-life balance.

By covering these comprehensive topics, Ultimate Academy® ensures that you’re not only proficient in the art of decorating and redesign but also well-equipped with the business knowledge to start, run, and grow your own decorating business successfully. This approach prepares you for the realities of entrepreneurship in the decorating industry.


accelerate your education

Choose Efficiency with
a 5-day course

Why spend four years in a program when you can acquire essential Decorating and ReDesign skills, along with the business model to provide these services, in just 5 days?

Our course offers a comprehensive combination of Decorating & ReDesign and business marketing instruction, all in one.

Upon completion of the 5-day Live Virtual Course, you will possess all the necessary knowledge to kickstart your own business.

We are incredibly confident in our program, which is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

In just five days, you will gain knowledge that would typically take years to acquire on your own.

Need A Decorator Program

need a decorator

Upon graduating from Ultimate Academy®, you will be entered into our Need A Decorator Program. 

Certified Ultimate Decorators & ReDesigners™ are in high demand. Whenever we receive inquiries from individuals seeking Decorators & ReDesigners, we promptly notify our graduates.

Being a member of the Ultimate Academy®’s Need A Decorator Program enables you to receive Decorating & ReDesign leads in your area.

Need A Decorator Program

Upon graduating from Ultimate Academy®, you will be entered into our Need A Decorator Program. 

Certified Ultimate Decorators & ReDesigners™ are in high demand. Whenever we receive inquiries from individuals seeking Decorators & ReDesigners, we promptly notify our graduates.

Being a member of the Ultimate Academy®’s Need A Decorator Program enables you to receive Decorating & ReDesign leads in your area.

need a decorator

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Graduates may take unlimited class retakes of their Decorating & ReDesign course free of charge for 3 years!

Why do we offer this? We offer free unlimited class scheduled retakes of Ultimate Academy®’s
Decorating & ReDesign course to give you peace of mind. 

Should you feel that given the vast amount of information
covered in the course, that you would benefit from attending the course again, you are welcome to do so.


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If you have any questions or require any assistance enrolling, please call 1.888.883.2688


If you have any questions or require any assistance enrolling, please call 1.888.883.2688