Using Mirrors To Enhance Feng Shui

Using Mirrors To Enhance Feng Shui

A carnival can bring with it, all kinds of excitement. Even a small fair, the type that rumbles into town on a long weekend, and sets up in the empty sports’ arena parking lot. The rides, the food, the games; they all contribute to an exciting, fun event. One carnival staple sure to add to the experience is the hall of fun-mirrors. 

As you walk through, the mirrors distort and exaggerate your appearance. Seeing our own reflection bounced back in such a way can make us feel uncomfortable. Have you ever wondered why? Perhaps the reason behind that feeling of discomfort is more significant than just vanity.

Now, on its own, a mirror does not see very important. But when examined within the larger scope of what a mirror represents within Feng Shui, the explanations for its importance become as clear as the mirror itself. Most of us have mirrors in our homes, often more than one. 

We frequently choose their placement based on available wall space. But to harken back to that feeling of discomfort in the hall of fun-mirrors, perhaps more thought is required. Feng Shui theory purports exactly this; mirror placement, as well as the condition of the mirror itself, is very important. So what should be considered before hanging a mirror?

#1. Mirrors are a cure.

What is a cure? According to the dictionary, a cure is the “means of the removal of disease or evil;…a remedy”. In Feng Shui theory, a cure is a general term used for a way to work with the energy of your home to achieve a specific result. In most cases, a cure represents the Feng Shui element you need in your home or work place. 

For instance, if your home is lacking in joyful energy, place a pot of chrysanthemums in your entryway. They represent the sun, and as such they bring this same jubilant, life-giving energy to your home. The “disease” is a lack of joyful energy, the Feng Shui cure or remedy, is the chrysanthemums.

Mirrors are considered to be a cure in Feng Shui. They can stimulate positive energy and can be used to expand a space, as well as to create more light. They also represent the water element and just like water, they reflect everything. By reflecting something positive, mirrors can therefore be used to enhance good energy. 

As always, there is a counterbalance: depending on what is being reflected, mirrors can also enhance bad energy. For these reasons, hanging a mirror requires much thought and consideration.

#2. Mirrors must be hung with intention.

It comes as no surprise then, that in Feng Shui friendly homes mirror placement must have intention. Thought must be taken as to both where and why a mirror is being hung. While it is true that mirror placement has the power to cure many things within your home or work place, it can however create problems where none exist. 

For example, quite often mirrors are hung in a dining room because this space represents your capacity to hold wealth. Hanging a mirror here has the potential of expanding or multiplying this energy. However, if you have a stack of unfinished work on the dining room table, a mirror placed here has the potential to expand or double your workload. Before hanging a mirror, you must examine what it will reflect.

#3. Ideas for optimal mirror placement.

There are many areas in a home or work place that can benefit from the influx or expansion of positive energy. For instance, the entranceway is the portal from which energy enters and exits a home. Once positive energy or chi, has been welcomed in, it is important to encourage it to stay and multiply. 

Hanging a mirror on a side wall in the entrance to a home expands this positive energy. However, be careful to not hang it directly opposite the front door, as that will encourage the chi to bounce back out.

Mirrors can stimulate positive energy, increase its flow, and create light. A landing on a dark, narrow stairway could benefit from a mirror as it will help to create light and generate a better flow of energy. Instead of a stairway landing being an area of stagnant energy, a mirror will hasten it along. “Stagnant, stuck energy contributes to blockage and illness, while open, flowing energy is the basis of great moods, and every kind of abundance”.

While many rooms benefit from an increase of energy the bedroom does not, especially during the hours of slumber. This is important when considering whether or not to hang a mirror in this space. If you require one for practical purposes, it is advised not to hang it directly across from your bed as this will stimulate you during sleep. A quick remedy for this would be to cover the mirror before retiring for the night.

A mirror has the potential to expand the energy of whatever it is reflecting. Do you have an outdoor area that brings you joy? Place a mirror on the wall opposite this view, and the positive energy will be expanded. Do you have treasured items on display in your home? Place these objects on a mirror positioned horizontally on a shelf or table, and the joy that these articles bring you will be multiplied.

Mirrors themselves need to be clear, clean, unblemished and not cracked or broken. Any distortion in the mirror’s image will impact the view of yourself in your subconscious. A broken mirror will create a broken or displaced view of your own image. 

Similarly, placing mirrors opposite one another does not expand the creation of positive energy. Rather, reflecting a mirror’s image upon itself, will weaken any energy produced. One mirror per room is the recommended amount.Unlike the carnival’s feeling of discomfort, hanging mirrors with intention will create positive energy within your home and work place. 

Knowing how to use this Feng Shui cure can benefit your life with the stimulation of chi, creation of light and the expansion of space and positive energy.

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