How to Make Your Outdoor Space Feng Shui Friendly

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Feng Shui Friendly - Feng Shui Ultimate Academy Certification

“Spring breathes new life into the world around us.” – Unknown

The allure of spring is timeless. As winter’s chill dissipates, warm breezes introduce a season of growth and rebirth. The delightful symphony of birdsong fills the air, contrasting the quiet, cold days of winter. After a refreshing rain shower, the sun shines brilliantly, drawing people outdoors to bask in its warmth.

As temperatures rise, our attention shifts from the cozy indoors to the beckoning outdoors. Creating an outdoor space filled with positive energy can cultivate a sense of peace, harmony, prosperity, health, and happiness. Although the principles remain consistent, applying them requires adapting to the specific outdoor space you possess.

Gardens and Backyards:

To infuse your garden or backyard with positive energy, consider these feng shui guidelines:

  • Incorporate the Five Feng Shui Elements:

    • Wood: Present in most gardens naturally. Evergreens, which remain green throughout the year, are excellent choices.

    • Fire: Symbolized by sunlight and plants with red or purple blooms or leaves.

    • Earth: Enhanced in city environments by introducing yellow and brown plants.

    • Metal: Introduced through white-blooming plants or metal wind chimes, which add both visual appeal and soothing sounds.

    • Water: Incorporated via pools, ponds, or fountains. Black-colored furniture can also amplify this element.

  • Balance Yin and Yang: These complementary energies create a harmonious flow of chi. Introduce Yin with shaded areas and amplify Yang with sunny patches and vibrant wildlife.

  • Opt for Curved Designs: Curved garden beds and winding pathways not only look appealing but are also believed to deter negative energies.

  • Introduce Natural Barriers: Rock barriers or shrubbery provide a sense of security and comfort, reducing noise and pollution. These can also represent the five elements.

  • Maintain Your Garden: A thriving, well-maintained garden radiates positive energy. Conversely, an unkempt garden can attract negative vibes.

Decks and Balconies:

For those with limited outdoor space, such as a balcony or deck, Feng Shui can still play a vital role:

  • Incorporate the Five Feng Shui Elements: Introduce elements or their associated colors to cultivate a balanced energy.

  • Balance Yin and Yang: Soft pillows can introduce Yin energy, while hard furniture can bring in Yang energy.

  • Prioritize Plant Health: Healthy plants radiate positive energy.

  • Eliminate Clutter: A tidy, clean space is pivotal in maintaining positive chi.

  • Install Natural Barriers: Tall plants like bamboo offer privacy without obstructing sunlight.

  • Mitigate Sharp Edges: To counteract “poison arrows” created by sharp edges or corners, place tall plants at angles. Choose furniture with curved and rounded edges.

Spring’s warmth naturally shifts our focus to the great outdoors. Whether you’re graced with a sprawling garden or a compact balcony, the principles of Feng Shui can help you cultivate a serene oasis. By nurturing an environment of peace and tranquility, you pave the way for well-being and contentment for yourself and your loved ones.

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