How to Make Your Outdoor
Space Feng Shui Friendly

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Feng Shui Friendly - Feng Shui Ultimate Academy Certification

“Spring breathes new life into the world around us”. – Unknown

Spring never loses its charm. Just when you think it might never happen, the warm breezes finally usher in the season of growth and rebirth. The symphony of birdsong, so missed during the silent, cold days of winter, provides a welcome backdrop to the soft patter of rain drops. Once the clouds clear, the sunshine beckons: people emerge from their homes, excited to be outside once more. 

What was once frigid and unwelcoming, is now calling a siren song. In this time of renewed warmth, your outdoor space becomes a priority. Where winter had you concentrating on the energy within your home, spring turns your focus outside. And, just like in your kitchen, bedroom, or entryway, creating positive energy in your garden, deck or balcony can promote peace, harmony, prosperity, health, and happiness. Although the principles remain the same, to make your outdoor space feng shui friendly, it depends on what type of ‘space’ you have.

Gardens and Backyards:

A feng shui friendly garden or backyard not only welcomes positive energy, but it also welcomes you. The beauty, tranquility and good vibes can provide a much-needed respite after a busy workday. So, how can you make your outdoor space feng shui friendly?

  • Incorporate the five elements of feng shui: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

    • Wood: As most gardens already contain some form of wood naturally, incorporating this element is easy. Evergreens can help maintain this element through the winter months, as they hold their green colour all year.
    • Fire: This element is also provided naturally, in the form of sunshine. To incorporate the fire element in areas of your garden that require balance, you can add plants that have red and purple blooms or leaves.
    • Earth: Although earth occurs naturally, not every garden has enough of this element. City settings can receive a boost by incorporating yellow and brown plants.
    • Metal: As this element does not occur naturally, it can be added by planting shrubbery or flowers with white blooms. It can also be incorporated by hanging a metal wind chime. This accessory has the added benefit of providing a beautiful sound, as well as healing vibrations.
    • Water: This element can be incorporated with the addition of a pool, pond, or fountain. Including the colour black, such as in the lawn furniture, will strengthen the element’s presence.
  • Balance Yin and Yang. These opposite energies depend on one another; you “need a good balance between them to promote a good flow of chi which is essential to a happy and successful life”. The passive and dark energy of Yin can be incorporated by creating shaded areas in your yard. The presence of sunny patches and active wildlife drawn to the gardens, will provide the lively Yang energy.
  • Create gardens and pathways with curvy lines. “In Chinese folklore, evil spirits can only walk in a straight line”, so a meandering path or curved garden bed will provide both a form of protection, as well as a more auspicious pathway for positive energy.
  • A barrier around your yard can provide yet another layer of protection from negative energy. A natural fence, such as a rock barrier or shrubbery, can create a sense of security and comfort, as well as reduce noise, wind and air pollution. Both rocks and shrubs can also act as representatives of the five elements.

Man-made fences although protective, can reduce air circulation. To help “enliven the stagnant energy and create a more organic boundary”, you can plant flowers and evergreens along the fence perimeter.

  • Create a garden that you can maintain. To make your outdoor space feng shui friendly, your plants need to be healthy. A garden or backyard that is overwhelming and as a result untended, will create negative energy, regardless of how many feng shui elements are included.

Decks and Balconies:

Even if you live deep within the city, your deck or balcony can be used to promote positive energy, peace, harmony, and happiness. Although many of the same methods will apply, there will be specific considerations. So, how can you make your small outdoor space feng shui friendly?

  • Incorporate the five elements of feng shui. Just as in the larger gardens and backyards, every element can be included either naturally or by incorporating its associated colour(s).
  • Balance Yin and Yang. The provision of soft pillows will encourage Yin energy with their soothing textures, and colours such as blue and green will add to the effect. Yang energy can be incorporated with the addition of hard, outdoor furniture.
  • Ensure all your plants are healthy.
  • Clear any clutter and keep the area clean and dust free.
  • Even on a balcony, it is important to provide a natural barrier to protect your home from negative energy. Growing high plants such as bamboo, will provide privacy without blocking the sunlight.
  • Balconies and decks often have sharp edges, either due to their shape or their railings. As these corners can create poison arrows, placing tall, healthy plants in the angles will provide an effective feng shui remedy. As well, to prevent additional sharp points, any furniture should have curved forms and rounded edges.

The warmth of spring alters your focus from inside to outside. Creating an outdoor space that promotes positive energy, harmony and balance becomes imperative. While many methods are the same whether you have a balcony or a garden, others differ. 

Either way, carving out an area of peace and tranquility, will promote wellbeing for you and your family.

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