A Home in the Clouds: Feng Shui and High Rise Living

A Home in the Clouds Feng Shui and High Rise Living UA®

When considering a new condo or apartment, it’s essential to look beyond just the unit itself. The building and its surroundings play a vital role in ensuring the free flow of positive energy, or Chi. However, it’s not just about attracting good Chi; it’s also crucial to deflect any negative energies, often referred to as Sha Chi.

Understanding the Building's External Influence

Feng Shui for a condo is not limited to the interior of your unit; it begins with the building itself and the surrounding environment. When embarking on your Feng Shui journey in a high-rise setting, the external factors can significantly impact the flow of energy.

Let’s delve into the key aspects you need to consider as you assess the Feng Shui of your condominium building and its vicinity.

  • Area Observation: Start by scanning the two-mile radius around the building. This will give you insights into the external factors that might affect the energy flow.

  • Shape Matters: Unusual shapes like wedge or overly narrow buildings can distort Chi. Look for balanced architectural designs.

  • Neighboring Heights: Being surrounded by taller structures can bring about Sha Chi from their sharp corners and obstruct natural views. Conversely, if your building towers over its neighbors, it lacks the protection that surrounding buildings might provide.

  • Material Impacts: Refrain from selecting apartments facing all-glass structures. The reflected light can bring forth negative energy.

  • Landmark Considerations: Ensure you’re not adjacent to locations associated with negative vibes, like hospitals or cemeteries.

  • Entrance Significance: A building’s entrance sets the energy tone. Ensure it’s clutter-free, well-lit, and welcoming. A spacious and balanced foyer can attract better Chi for all the residents.

Feng Shui and High-Rise Living:
Inside Your Unit

When it comes to high-rise living and Feng Shui for a condo, the layout and positioning of your individual unit within the building are equally significant.

Positional Significance and Remedies

Now, let’s explore the specific challenges related to your unit’s position and the Feng Shui remedies that can help:

  1. Hallway Dynamics: Units situated at the end of long corridors can invite rushing energies. To counteract this, consider placing plants with broad, round leaves near your entrance. This will slow down and stabilize the Chi.

  2. Staircase Proximity: Apartments facing staircases often experience aggressive energy flows. In such cases, plants can serve as an effective barrier, redirecting the energy.

  3. Neighborly Distances: Units that directly face each other can mix energies, potentially leading to conflicts. To address this, you can implement a Feng Shui solution known as the “double door” effect. This involves using screens or curtains to create an additional layer of separation between your unit and your neighbor’s, preventing their energy from entering your home.

By considering these positional aspects and applying suitable remedies, you can enhance the Feng Shui of your high-rise unit.

A Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™, well versed in Feng Shui for a condo, possesses the required knowledge and training, and can alleviate the ambiguity involved. He/she can assist you in determining what factors in regard to both the building and unit, should be avoided. 

Together, you and the Feng Shui Specialist™ can find your home in the clouds.

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SALE - Save Up To $1400 On Your 1st Course
& Get Any 2nd Course For FREE - Ends Friday!