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“Everyone can identify with a fragrant garden, with the beauty of sunset, with the quiet of nature, with a warm and cozy cottage.” – Thomas Kinkade

The Allure of Cottage Country

  • Summertime draws families to picturesque cottages amid beaches, rocky coasts, and pine forests.

  • The appeal: sunsets, seagulls, sunblock, and a departure from city life.

Expanding Your Staging Horizons

  • Your USC™ Certified UltimateStager™ skills aren’t just for urban spaces.

  • Cottage country presents a unique challenge and opportunity for Stagers.

  • While every setting is unique, your toolbelt remains consistent: knowledge, expertise, creativity.

Understanding Cottage Buyers

  • 95% of cottage buyers purchase based on emotion.

  • The key to successful staging is understanding the buyer’s desires and selling a lifestyle.

  • This requires knowledge of the area, its lakes, and its towns.

Why the Cottage Life Appeals

  • Space and Seclusion: City folks see space as luxury. Many desire a secluded retreat amid nature.

  • Nature and Nostalgia: Buyers often want a home that reflects the outdoors, without the urban feel.

  • Experiences and Amenities: For some, it’s as much about nearby wineries as the cottage itself.

  • Functionality: Professionals might need ‘city-type’ amenities, while families may prioritize beaches and game rooms.

  • Relaxation: Many are looking for a tranquil escape to recharge.

  • Luxury: Some high-end buyers seek the opulence they’re accustomed to, but in a natural setting.

Types of Cottages & How to Stage Them

  1. Rustic Cabin: Use nature-inspired decor, woven baskets, faux animal hide, and a calming color palette.

  2. Old Farmhouse: Go for vintage accents, fresh flowers, and cozy accessories.

  3. A-Frame Family Retreat: Emphasize family features like board games, large dinner tables, and vibrant Muskoka chairs.

  4. Renovated Retreat: Highlight open spaces, use oversized artwork, and emphasize outdoor seating.

  5. Modern Masterpiece: Think luxurious. Aim for a high-end city home feel in a natural setting.

Cottage Staging Challenges

  • Furniture Logistics: City-based rental companies may charge more for cottage deliveries. Local suppliers might offer better deals.

  • Natural Challenges: Address issues like wildlife, water quality, and island accessibility.

  • Continuous Learning: Attend shows like the bi-annual Cottage Life Show for the latest trends.

Final Thoughts

Staging cottages demands understanding the locale, type of dwelling, target audience, and current trends. However, with your skill set and creativity, you can ensure success. Remember, whether in the city or the countryside, staging works. 

Aim for the top price in the least amount of time for minimal stress. So, take the plunge into staging cottages and let your expertise truly shine.

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