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Ultimate Academy®’s Home Staging Courses will set you up for success!

We take immense pride in offering the most engaging and comprehensive Home Staging course available today, training both present and future leaders in the Home Staging industry.

You will learn from our team of industry experts, who are masters in the Home Staging and Business Marketing fields.

Rest assured, our premium lifetime after-course support ensures you are never alone on your journey. We provide guidance, support, and invaluable tips to equip you for triumph in the Home Staging industry.

Our elite business and marketing training includes all the tools you’ll need to start your prosperous business. These include marketing scripts, budgeting, negotiation and pricing skills, and sales & branding techniques that are proven to be successful in all markets.

USC™ Home Staging Business Certification Courses

home staging training
home staging training

Start Your Home Staging Business Today!

Our #1 Home Staging & Business Training Certification course is unique. 

With our Home Staging courses, you will master all the skills and tools you require to be “Open For Business” in the 5 days you spend in our Live Virtual Training Center or through our Video Recording Of Online Classroom program.

This is an all-in-one course where you will receive an internationally recognized, leading edge USC™ Certification in Home Staging.

The personalized mentoring that you will receive from Eileen Taylor, Greg Taylor, and the Ultimate Academy® team will be educational, powerful and motivational. 

Our Certified Home Staging courses will help you launch your business. You will be able to use what you have learned and apply it to other entrepreneurial ventures you pursue down the road.

We look forward to providing you with world-class lifetime support that never expires! 

What Do Students Say About Their Live Online Learning Experience?

Turn Your Passion For Decorating Into A Career

home staging classes

Your passion for design is the heart and soul of why this career is right for you. Receiving a Professional Certification in Home Staging from Ultimate Academy® will enable you to kick-start your career.

In our Home Staging Courses, you will learn how to become a USC™ Home Stager, how to start a successful Home Staging business, and how to excel in the many roles Home Staging entails. 

Furniture Trends for 2021 - Ultimate Academy Online ReDesign Certification Course Home Study

Turn Your Passion For Decorating Into A Career

Your passion for design is the heart and soul of why this career is right for you. Obtaining a professional certification in Home Staging from Ultimate Academy® will enable you to kick-start your career.

In our Home Staging courses, you will learn how to become a USC™ Home Stager, start a successful Home Staging business, and excel in the various roles Home Staging entails.

Certified Staging Professionals Leader in Home Staging Training Home Staging Courses Certified Home Staging Professional Staging Training Academy

Course Overview

USC™ Certification

USC Staging Training Academy and Certification Online Certified Staging Professional

Our USC™ designation is a recognized Home Staging course. At Ultimate Academy®, we have a unique focus on your success.

The Ultimate Academy® USC™ proven system is a turnkey Home Staging training and business course that sets you up for a lifelong career. By completing this course, you will attain the competitive edge that sets you apart in the industry.

This certification verifies your professionalism in the industry and provides you with exceptional Home Staging training credibility. By combining your education with your unique personality, you can dominate the Home Staging field.

Displaying the USC™ Certification reflects that you have been expertly trained. It showcases your commitment to professionalism.

We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge, as well as that of our USC™ Certified Home Staging Alumni community, with you.

#1 Turnkey Home Staging Training

Certification Course

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Launch Your Career Today


$ 1

Home Staging Consultations typically range between $250 and $450.*

$ 1
Home Staging Packages

Home Staging Projects can range between $1,000 and $5,000 or more.*

* This is a sample of industry rates in North America. The rates above are not guaranteed. Each individual stager determines their own rates and fees for services and varies by region and package. Graphic is hypothetical and is for educational purposes only.

In This Home Staging Course, You Will Learn:

In This Home Staging Course, You Will Learn:

Core Course Topics

Introduction to the USC™ Home Staging Course

In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals and history of the Home Staging industry. We will explore the significance of Home Staging in the Real Estate Industry and discuss why now is the perfect time to embark on a career as a Home Stager.

Additionally, you will delve into our distinctive approach to Home Staging and discover how this approach has led to remarkable success for our graduates.

Home Staging Consultations

Through our comprehensive 19-Page Consultation Report, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively plan and execute a successful Home Staging Consultation.

This detailed report covers everything you need to know, including essential items to bring and step-by-step checklists to guide you through the process.

The Business Of Staging and Branding Your Business

Our comprehensive program covers every aspect of running a Home Staging business or securing employment in the field. From business techniques and brand establishment to pricing strategies and fundamental business principles, we leave no stone unturned in equipping you for success.

This course will provide you with valuable insights and knowledge on how to thrive in the Home Staging industry and cultivate a prosperous business.

The USC™ System

During the course, you will thoroughly explore the proven Home Staging method embraced by all USC™ graduates of Ultimate Academy®.

This tried-and-true system will empower you to achieve consistent and tangible results with every Home Staging project you undertake.

Executing Furniture Rental and Accessories

You will learn the art of enhancing any property by carefully selecting accessories and furniture for staging purposes. 

You will gain the confidence and skills necessary to create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, transforming spaces into visually appealing and market-ready showcases.

Developing Relationships & Securing Business

We will wrap up the course by covering the essential principles of effectively targeting and reaching your desired clientele. 

You will learn valuable strategies for marketing initiatives, as well as how to establish and nurture relationships to ensure ongoing success in your business endeavors.

Included with Your
5-Day Course

Certification to reflect your training

Obtain the USC™ UltimateStager Certification to demonstrate your training and expertise

600+ Page multi-volume manuals set & workbook

This multi-volume manual set & workbook will serve as your essential resource


Use these forms, templates and reports for efficiency and professionalism

marketing sessions to boost your new business

Learn from business specialist Greg Taylor, who will share his business knowledge gained over 25 years

40-page national vendor list

Utilize this comprehensive vendor list to effectively and efficiently deliver exceptional services for your clients

free shipping of
course materials

When you order the hard copy manuals, we will ship them to you at no additional cost

Elevate your Home Staging Skills

The Agents’ Choice for
Home Staging Training

Are you a Realtor® looking for a growth strategy? Add value by diversifying your services to give you an edge.

Learn how to successfully weave your passion for decorating into your real estate business. Leverage your natural talents with our comprehensive Home Staging training, to attain more listings.

Agents choose us for a reason – our program provides you with the best ability to add more value to your services and add to your income stream.

Be the expert in your field – learn the unique Ultimate Academy® staging system to maximize the potential of every home and yield consistent, real results with every client.

Ultimate Academy®’s industry-leading business and marketing training provides an opportunity for you to expand your business, both as a realtor and as a USC™ UltimateStager™.

Hundreds of agents are USC™ Certified – join this select alumni and grow your business by adding value to every listing.

The Agents’ Choice for Home Staging Training

Are you a Realtor® looking for a growth strategy? Add value by diversifying your services to give you an edge.

Learn how to successfully weave your passion for decorating into your real estate business. Leverage your natural talents with our comprehensive home staging training, to attain more listings.

Agents choose us for a reason – our program provides you with the best ability to add more value to your services and add to your income stream.

Be the expert in your field – learn the unique Ultimate Academy® staging system to maximize the potential of every home and yield consistent, real results with every client.

Ultimate Academy®’s industry-leading business and marketing training provides an opportunity for you to expand your business, both as a realtor and as a USC™ UltimateStager™.

Hundreds of agents are USC™ Certified – join this select alumni and grow your business by adding value to every listing.


Beautiful Spaces

Simmi Assie, USC™
Jenny Hillborn, USC™
Cindy Walker, USC™
Anbar Iqbal, USC™
Sima Nassabi, USC™
Anita Hesch, USC™
Sabrina Vogrin, USC™
Lori Butler, USC™
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Two Different Modes
of Study

Live online class

Join From Anywhere

We will be live streaming this 5-day class. Our instructors, Eileen and Greg, will be live on camera teaching the class. You will receive your manuals and course material before the course commences. 


This is an easy-to-use online learning experience facilitated via Zoom. You can participate from the comfort of your home; all you need is a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Interactive & Engaging

You will have the opportunity to interact with the instructors and fellow learners by asking questions and engaging in class discussion.

Our instruction style is interactive, engaging and motivational. You will learn all you need to know from industry experts.

Small Class Sizes

One of the benefits of our live online class is that we offer small intimate class sizes with 4 to 6 students per class for an interactive learning experience.

Class hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST Monday – Friday

All live online classes include access to the video recording of the online class. 

Upon completion of the course material and course work, you will receive the USC™ Certified UltimateStager™ certification in recognition of your achievement.

Video Recording of Online Class

Watch Instructional Recordings 

These informative recordings are delivered by industry experts. Our instruction style is interactive, engaging, and motivational.

Additionally, you will receive online access to your manuals and course materials to get started right away.

No Timeline

Your decision sets the course timeline! There is no time limit, and you can take as long as you wish to watch the recordings of the Home Staging course.

You can start reading the course materials and completing the coursework when you are ready to begin.

Work at Your Own Pace

You will complete the course content at your own pace. There are corresponding quizzes and exercises to be completed at the end of each section to test your knowledge. All quizzes and exercises can be completed open-book or closed-book.

Each quiz and exercise is addressed during the program, so you will be able to see exactly how you performed and the rationale for each answer.

You can submit your exercises to us for review and feedback.

Contact Us Whenever

At Ultimate Academy®, we offer live and on-demand learning with continuous personalized mentoring to ensure you feel connected and engaged. 

We are here to serve you. We are just a call, click or text away. 

Upon completion of the course material and course work, you will receive the USC™ Certified UltimateStager™ certification in recognition of your achievement.

Two Options
for Manuals

Hard-Copy Manuals

With our hard-copy manual option, the manuals will be shipped via FedEx right to your door to utilize during your course.

Our 630+ page, multi-volume manual set and business workbook, will be your key resources both during and after the course.

These manuals are extremely detailed and visual, with many pictures and examples, so feel free to make notes and highlight key sections for your ongoing reference.

Online Manuals

Our online manual option is ideal for all students.

The online manual is exactly the same 630+ page multi volume manual and workbook as the hard-copy version.

This option is eco-friendly and easy to use, and is accessible through a computer, laptop or smartphone.

HOME STAGING Certification
course outline

Introduction –Dive into the vibrant world of Home Staging with this all-encompassing course that takes you through the industry’s roots and its significant impact on Real Estate. Discover the explosive growth and soaring appeal of Home Staging, and why now is an exceptional time to kick-start a fulfilling career in this field.

Home Staging Consultations – Students will acquire in-depth knowledge and valuable insights, enabling them to proficiently plan and execute Home Staging Consultations. A centerpiece of this program is our meticulously crafted 19-Page Consultation Report, encompassing essential components, from item checklists to comprehensive step-by-step guides.

The UltimateStager System™ – You will be immersed in the time-tested Home Staging methodology, embraced by all our esteemed graduates. This proven system guarantees consistent and favorable outcomes with every staging endeavor.

Accessories & Inventory – You will learn how to select and curate the most suitable pieces to create an ideal aesthetic. Discover the art of accessorizing and furnishing a home to transform any space into a stunning masterpiece.

Furniture Rental – You will acquire the skills to accentuate any property through strategic Home Staging, utilizing top furniture rental companies. You will learn how to carefully select appropriate furniture for each room and gain insights into effective pricing strategies. Additionally, we will guide you on how to facilitate the seamless ordering process for rental furniture.

The UltimateStager™ System – We’ll dive back into the UltimateStager™ System. In this manual, you will learn the step-by-step process for each room to ensure an efficient and productive job. We’ll also go over what to do after staging, such as walking the client through their newly staged home to engage with clients and answer any questions, or to go over maintenance to ensure the staged look remains intact.

Showcasing – In this section, you’ll learn how to effectively showcase a home. Before this, a staging consultation and report should be completed with the homeowner to provide valuable marketing insights. You’ll learn about collecting items from each room that can be used for showcasing—such as bedding, pillows, lamps, decor, dishware, towels, and art—to prevent them from being packed away. While these items may not be perfect, as long as they are presentable and undamaged, they can be utilized for effective marketing.

Vacant Property Staging – This segment of the course will focus on successfully staging vacant properties, including new home builds and model homes. You will be taught how to source accessories strategically and choose furniture pieces that optimize the space’s potential to appeal to prospective buyers.

Condo Staging – Staging condos presents a distinct set of challenges, particularly concerning logistics. In this portion of the program, we will equip you with essential techniques to proficiently stage condos and leverage the diverse opportunities they offer.

Eco-Friendly Staging – This course teaches you to integrate eco-friendly practices into traditional home staging, targeting the growing market of buyers seeking sustainable homes. You’ll learn to reduce environmental impact by encouraging donation, recycling, and re-gifting during decluttering. The course emphasizes the use of safe, plant-based cleaning products with recyclable and refillable packaging, and advocates for low or zero VOC paints like Aura®, Regal® ben®, Eco Spec®, and Ultra Spec® to ensure healthier indoor air quality—all aimed at creating a greener, cleaner staging experience.

The Business of Staging – We will dive into the business side of Home Staging. It comprehensively covers every aspect of operating a Home Staging business and obtaining employment. Topics include business techniques, establishing your brand, pricing, and fundamental business principles that are crucial for your success.

Motivational Segment – The primary objective of this segment is to bolster your confidence and guide you in implementing the best practices to transform your aspirations into actionable steps, ultimately leading to the achievement of your goals. Whether you are interested in establishing your own Home Staging business or pursuing employment in the industry, we discuss a proactive and positive approach to help you realize your aspirations.

Branding – The business, sales, and marketing component of the program encompass all essential topics to excel in the Home Staging industry. Certified UltimateStagers™ will learn the most effective methods of collaborating with homeowners and Real Estate agents as integral team members, enabling agents to offer this value-added service to optimize outcomes for their clients during property sales.

Home Staging Pricing – In this segment, we explore the intricacies of pricing Home Staging services across various markets. Our proprietary pricing matrix equips stagers with a comprehensive understanding of the pricing dynamics of Home Staging, thoroughly preparing them to provide this function effectively in the market.

Business Fundamentals & Procedures – All aspects of running a Home Staging business, including invoicing, bookkeeping, taxes, and administration, are thoroughly covered for both those running their own business and those providing these services as employees in Home Staging enterprises.

We emphasize crafting a compelling message that conveys your unique value proposition, elucidating the reasons why agents, teams, brokerages, or homeowners would choose to hire you. This exercise focuses on accentuating your strengths, abilities, uniqueness, personality, training, and Certification.

Crafting Your Marketing/Employment Pitch – Each student presents their unique message to the class in a mock setting, simulating an agent or job interview.

Building Connections & Acquiring Clients – Each student creates a specific plan on how to target and distribute their message to their desired contacts. This plan includes timelines and utilizes various channels to effectively distribute their marketing/employment message to their target audience. The segment also explores follow-up techniques, discussing various options to develop and maintain relationships and achieve their goals.

Strategic Promotion – This powerful marketing segment comprehensively covers all aspects of promoting your business. It includes a detailed exploration of our 18 Point Marketing Plan, as well as tried and true marketing techniques, including the ever-important field of social media.

Comprehensive Post Course Guide – Furthermore, students are provided with a roadmap to follow post-course, outlining each step to be taken. This roadmap enables them to promptly engage in the Home Staging Industry and establish their presence effectively.

Graduate Spotlight

Mena Jannetta-Conte, USC™, UCPO™, UDRC™, UFSC™

MoonFlower Elements understands the importance in creating and bringing your home to its highest potential. MoonFlower Elements will work to achieve mass appeal to your home by highlighting the “wow” factors of your home.

In addition to Home Staging services, MoonFlower Elements also offers Feng Shui, Professional Organizing and Decorating & ReDesign services.

Mari Stewart, UCPO™, USC™

Sorted by Mari LLC offers personalized organizing and staging solutions designed with the entire family in consideration.

Sorted by Mari LLC excels in handling projects with creativity, efficiency, and professionalism.

Services extend beyond organization for homes, businesses, and personal lives, including tailored home staging services poised to leave a significant impact on the real estate market.

Lori Butler, USC™, UDRC™

Upstaged is a home staging and redesign company based in Halifax, serving the local and surrounding areas. Upstaged provides a broad selection of services tailored to various needs and budgets, emphasizing the importance of making homes stand out in the competitive real estate market.

Upstaged collaborates closely with homeowners and real estate agents to transform spaces into warm, inviting environments with wide appeal.

Justysia Sandoval, USC™

Justysia Staging + ReDesign provides a full range of services for preparing homes for sale and enhancing interiors. This encompasses home consultations for strategic presentation, staging to improve aesthetic appeal and help buyers visualize living in the space, and redesigning to align with clients' lifestyles, including color, furniture, and decor advice. Services also include cleaning, painting for a fresh look, and minor renovations like floor and light fixture installations, all aimed at effectively improving and selling properties.

Free Class Retakes For 3 Years

As an Ultimate Academy® graduate, you are welcome to come back and take your course again, absolutely free, as many times as you like, for three years!

You may take any part of the course or complete the entire course again – it is up to you. No catches, no strings attached, no conditions. Simply reach out to our booking department to schedule your class retake whenever it works for you.

Free Class Retakes For 3 Years

As an Ultimate Academy® graduate, you are welcome to come back and take your course again, absolutely free, as many times as you like, for three years!

You may take any part of the course or complete the entire course again – it is up to you. No catches, no strings attached, no conditions. Simply reach out to our booking department to schedule your class retake whenever it works for you.

Harness the Power of Staging - Empower Environmental Change through Staging

home staging training

At Ultimate Academy®, our cutting-edge, eco-friendly home staging training will differentiate you from your competition.

This unique program is designed to set you and our planet up for success. As an Eco-Friendly USC™ Certified UltimateStager™, you will learn how to transform the look of any property using environmentally friendly methods and materials.

Our industry-leading course content encompasses every detail. You will learn how to maximize the value of a home’s eco-friendly features while reducing your own company’s carbon footprint.

Master our 70 eco-friendly tips for staging homes and growing your business. Learn about the 44 “green” organizations, brands, and manufacturers, the 12 labels and certifications of sustainability, and the many environmentally friendly home improvement materials to know and recommend.

Homeowners are seeking authoritative recommendations on how to create sustainable homes. Your extensive eco-friendly knowledge will enable you to provide innovative solutions that help your clients reduce their environmental impact while accentuating environmentally friendly features

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

satisfaction guaranteed

Graduates may take unlimited retakes of their home study course free of charge for 3 years!

Why do we offer this? We provide free unlimited course retakes of Ultimate Academy® Home Staging Courses to offer you peace of mind. 

If you feel that, considering the extensive amount of information covered in the course, you would benefit from taking it again, you are welcome to do so.

Certification for Life

Ultimate Academy® graduates are not required to pay any annual certification fees.

At Ultimate Academy®, you have continued complimentary membership for life.

No Annual Certification Fees
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Professional Home Staging Business Training

Professional Home Staging Business Training ​

USC™ System

  • Our Home Staging training paired with our Ultimate Home Staging Business System will be your blueprints to success.

  • Turnkey Business Package covers all aspects of setting up and running a new business.

  • Our post-course step-by-step action plan will be your checklist to success.

& Branding

  • Marketing is the lifeblood of any business.

  • Our Home Staging courses will teach you how to properly brand and promote your business for success.

  • You will learn how to create an impactful marketing message to make others aware of your business. 

With Clients

  • Building rapport is the key to having satisfied clients and a prosperous business.

  • In our Home Staging courses, you will learn strategies on how to persuade your clients to invest in your services.

  • You will master effective communication and learn how to tailor your services to suit your client’s needs.

& Payment

  • You will learn how to offer a variety of home staging packages.

  • You will learn how to price your packages to appeal to both budget-conscious and top-tier clients.

  • You will learn the procedure of how to close a sale, and how to operate using the latest payment systems. 

Repeat Business

  • Repeat business is highly profitable and a good business model is one that encourages repeat business.

  • Our Home Staging courses show you how to establish repeat business through ongoing communication and brand trust.

  • You will learn how to create lasting loyal relationships with your clients.

Referral &
Leads Program

  • Referrals are incredibly important in business.

  • You will develop a follow-up campaign to obtain referrals, stay in touch with customers, and win over new clients.

  • Upon graduating, you will be entered into our “Need A Stager Program.” 

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Staging

Home staging is the process of preparing a residential property for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money. 

Stagers work to enhance the property’s attractiveness by arranging furniture, decor, and lighting, and often by decluttering and depersonalizing the space to present it in its best light.

Yes, staging a home can significantly help in selling a home. It makes the property more appealing to potential buyers by showcasing the space in the best possible light. Staged homes often sell faster and for higher prices compared to non-staged homes.

Staging helps buyers visualize the property as their future home and highlights its best features while minimizing any flaws. This emotional connection can be a powerful factor in the home-selling process.

A specific degree is not required to become a home stager. Many successful home stagers come from various backgrounds, including interior design, real estate, or even from completely unrelated fields. While a foundation in interior decorating, real estate, marketing, or business may enhance one’s prospects, it is by no means a prerequisite.

The key skills for a home stager include attention to detail, understanding of real estate market trends, and strong networking, marketing and communication skills.

To become a certified home stager, you can enroll in a home staging certification program. These programs are offered by various professional organizations and career training companies.

It’s important to research and choose a program that is reputable and recognized in the industry. Additionally, you want to choose a program that fits your learning style. For example, at Ultimate Academy®, students are not expected to write a final exam. Instead, students are tasked with completing quizzes and activities throughout the course.

The activities focus on real-world scenarios of a home stager, such as our consultation report activity wherein students select a space in their own home, or in the home of a friend or family member, analyze the space, provide recommendations/suggestions, incorporate these recommendations/suggestions into the consultation report, and practice communicating that to the ‘client’.

The profitability of a home staging business can vary widely depending on factors like location, the real estate market in your area, your business model, and your ability to attract and retain clients.

Staging can be quite profitable, especially in high-demand real estate markets where sellers are looking to maximize their sale prices. While there are inherent costs in operating a home staging business, there are efficient ways to minimize expenses and enhance profitability. Ultimate Academy® will provide you with strategies to enable you to maximize profitability in relation to furniture rental, accessories, vendors, insurance, marketing, and more, so that you can have everything at your disposal.

To market a home staging business effectively, consider these strategies:

  • Build a website to accentuate your brand and highlight your unique services.
  • Use social media to share before-and-after photos, staging tips, client testimonials and develop a presence in the home staging industry.
  • Network with real estate agents and brokers who can refer clients to you.
  • Attend local events and home shows to build your network.
  • Using online and offline advertising to target local clients, homeowners and agents looking to sell their properties.

Ultimate Academy®’s Home Staging course covers the business, sales, and marketing components. For example, Ultimate Academy® offers a 17-step marketing plan and a 9-step follow-up plan that are proven to help you build your client base. It’s good to know how to stage, but understanding how to market your talent and your business is equally important, if not more so.

Embarking on a career in home staging ideally involves a blend of creative flair and practical abilities. Creativity helps in imagining and crafting spaces to create a good first impression. Organizational skills, project management, and attention to detail are essential in the seamless staging of homes. 

Effective communication and the ability to work well with others, including clients and industry professionals, are also key. A grasp of the latest real estate trends and architectural styles can further enhance your staging prowess. 

Should you find yourself seeking to strengthen any of these areas, remember that continuous learning and support are available. For instance, Ultimate Academy® offers extensive after-course assistance, helping graduates refine their techniques, perfect their marketing strategies, and generally grow their expertise in home staging.

Registering a home staging business for taxes in the United States involves a few key steps:

Choose Your Business Structure: Decide on the structure of your business, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation. This decision will impact your tax obligations, liability, and how you report income.

Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN): If your business structure is anything other than a sole proprietorship, you’ll need an EIN from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Even sole proprietors might need an EIN if they hire employees. You can apply for an EIN online through the IRS website.

Register Your Business Name: If you’re using a business name different from your own, you may need to register it with your state or local government. This process is often referred to as filing a “Doing Business As” (DBA) name.

Understand Your Tax Obligations: Depending on your business structure, you may need to file different tax forms. For example, income from sole proprietorships is reported on Schedule C of your personal tax return, while corporations file separate tax returns.

State and Local Taxes: In addition to federal taxes, you may be subject to state and local taxes. This can include income taxes, sales taxes (if you sell goods), and property taxes (if you own business property).

Consider Sales Tax: If you sell physical products, like home decor items, you might need to collect and remit sales tax. The requirements vary by state, so check with your state’s department of revenue.

Payroll Taxes: If you have employees, you’ll be responsible for withholding and paying payroll taxes. This includes federal income tax, Social Security, and Medicare taxes.

Seek Professional Advice: Tax laws can be complex, especially if you’re new to business ownership. Consider consulting with a tax professional or accountant who can provide advice tailored to your specific situation, help with setting up your accounting system, and ensure you’re compliant with all tax laws.

Don’t worry, Ultimate Academy® will guide you through this process with our detailed step-by-step guide!

Home stagers can find work in various settings. Many work independently, running their own home staging businesses. This offers the flexibility to work with real estate agents, homeowners, builders, and property investors on a contract basis. Others might work for real estate agencies or home staging companies. In these settings, you’re likely part of a team that stages homes listed by the agency or company. 

Some stagers also specialize in staging model homes for new residential developments. Additionally, with experience, home stagers can expand into related fields like interior design, real estate photography, or consulting for home improvement and renovation projects. The scope for home stagers is quite broad, depending on their skills, interests, and networking abilities.

Deepen Your Knowledge
of Home Staging

Do you want to know what it takes to become a successful home stager?

This report provides valuable insights into the ideal characteristics of a home stager. You’ll learn about the ideal real estate market for home staging, and why common misconceptions about home staging are simply myths. 

This report also discusses the fundamental tactics that our USC™ Certified UltimateStagers™ employ to create visually appealing, marketable homes that sell. At Ultimate Academy®, we believe each property is unique – we examine each home to determine what it will require to look its best, so that it will sell for the most. 

Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn about our USC™ Staging System, which has assisted numerous stagers in advancing their careers.

Get Our Free Home Staging Report

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Home Staging Report

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Why Choose Ultimate Academy®?

Comprehensive Course

Our high energy, engaging instructors will present a significant amount of material in a short period of time, while ensuring an enjoyable learning experience through clear and concise instruction.

Small Class Sizes

With fewer participants, it is easier to clarify concepts, engage in interactive activities, and facilitate smoother communication and interaction among students and instructors, thereby enhancing the overall educational experience.

No Final Exam

Why? Because being relaxed is part of our philosophy of positive learning. Learn comfortably without the fear of an intimidating exam at the end of the week.

Step-By-Step Instruction

By providing practical and concise explanations, we enable you to quickly grasp important concepts, strategies and skills.

We will lead you step-by-step through each skill to ensure your understanding.

13+ Years of Experience

Ultimate Academy® has over 13 years of experience fully preparing graduates for their new careers and empowering them to operate professional and successful businesses.

Our graduates have become experts in transforming spaces into beautiful and functional environments for living, selling, and celebrating.

After-Course Support

Our after-course support service is designed to provide ongoing assistance and guidance to students even after they have completed the course. 

We understand that questions and challenges may arise as you apply your newly acquired skills in the Home Staging industry. With our support service, you can access expert advice, receive feedback on your work, and address any concerns or uncertainties you may have.

Elevate Your Staging Business
With Our Expert Support

Business Training

While possessing knowledge of Home Staging is wonderful, it becomes infinitely more valuable when paired with business training that allows you to transform that knowledge into an additional income stream. 

This Home Staging certification course not only educates you on the theoretical and practical components of Home Staging, but also covers essential aspects of running a successful business. This course will include:

  • Business start-up and creation of your business plan
  • Business name selection and registration
  • Powerful and effective marketing and branding techniques to attract clients and build your reputation
  • Proper pricing and quoting for your Home Staging services
  • Client communication and consultation techniques to deliver exceptional service

Business Support Plan

This after-course support plan is included for free with your course. We understand that certain aspects of starting your new Home Staging career may be unfamiliar to you.

Imagine having access to your personal business guru. This plan offers the friendly and approachable support you require.

The Business Support Plan is specifically designed to get you consulting, staging, and doing what you love right away!

This support system has proven highly effective in assisting numerous students in pursuing their passion and becoming successful entrepreneurs. All of these services are provided by our Business Trainer and Coach, Greg Taylor.

6 Ways to Get a Return on Your Investment


Long Term Profits

By investing in this program and in your own personal growth, you will have the opportunity to embark on a new and lucrative career or business venture, yielding long-term profits.

You can expect a rapid return on your investment, with the potential to recoup the program cost within just one or two successful sales.


Starting a Business

Envision the freedom and flexibility of running your own business, with the option for part-time or full-time engagement and limitless earning potential. 

The sales and business skills you acquire will not only benefit your career but also enhance your personal life.


Time is Money

Professional training offers a cost-effective alternative to costly and time-consuming trial-and-error learning.

Compared to other business ventures, this investment is significantly smaller.


A Competitive Edge

Certification serves as a powerful tool to gain clients’ trust and secure their business. 

Your instructors and business coach will provide guidance and support, drawing from their invaluable collective experiences, ensuring your success.


Combination Packages

Obtaining additional certifications in Professional Organizing, Feng Shui, and Decorating & ReDesign enables you to offer combination packages, boosting your revenue and profits. 

Diversifying your options opens doors to pursue unique opportunities.


Value for Money

A successful business holds inherent value, and should you choose to sell, you can monetize that value.

Exclusive National USC™ Vendor List

USA Vendor List

You will receive our specially curated 31-page local and national Home Staging vendor list with over 155 vendors. This comprehensive list includes a wide range of creative and innovative sources for specialty items. 

This extensive vendor list is exclusively available to USC™ Home Staging graduates.

This list has you covered all over the United States! From must have products and services such as furniture rental to all types of staging accessories including artwork, area rugs, bedding, floral arrangements, greenery, lighting, window treatments, movers, painters, cleaners & more.

Free Marketing Scripts Included

Become the master at marketing your business with our proven marketing scripts!

As part of our Home Staging program, you will receive a series of marketing scripts that can be used as the foundation of how to convey your marketing message to others. These scripts focus on generating traffic to your website and building brand awareness. 

These marketing scripts can be used in a series of emails that you can send out to homeowners and real estate agents to introduce your business and services.

They can also be used as talking points when you are networking, as well as the content for your social media, website, etc.

These scripts will enable you to build trust and credibility with the clientele you would like to work with.

You will learn our unique approach to marketing Home Staging and why this approach brings success and confidence to our Graduates.


Our Certified graduates are part of our Home Staging Community. In the Home Staging industry, there are many projects which can benefit from teamwork. 

As part of Ultimate Academy®’s Home Staging Alumni, you will have many graduates to call upon for larger projects, industry insight and more. Alternatively, you can be called upon to assist fellow graduates on their projects and needs if you wish. 

By connecting with your fellow Alumni, you open the door to collaborative efforts and mutually supporting each other’s goals.  

Virtual Consultations

As part of your program, you will learn how to conduct virtual consultations and integrate this option into your suite of services that you will be offering your clients. 

Virtual consultations enable you to not only provide this service to your local market, but also enable you to offer your consultation services world wide. 

Virtual Home Staging consultations are a highly sought after service in today’s market. 

Virtual Consultations

USC™ Success Stories

UpStaged Home Staging & ReDesign

Lori Butler, USC™

UpStaged Home Staging & ReDesign

My name is Lori Butler, the owner and founder of Upstaged Home Staging & ReDesign. I am a USC™ Certified UltimateStager™ & Redesigner, having proudly graduated from the Ultimate Academy® in 2017.

I have been staging and redesigning homes, in one way or another, for as long as I can remember. It is more than a passion for me; it’s a way of life.

Design, decor, colour, and the flow of a room are things that my mind is processing and transforming from the moment I walk into a space.

Although, this has always been a love of mine, completing the staging and redesign course gave me the confidence and desire to move forward. Generally, most people are thinking about winding down in their fifties, not starting their own company. However, sometimes life has different plans for you, and you can either choose to be safe and stick with what you know or embrace the opportunity and follow your dreams. I chose the latter.

I remember so well the “high” I felt when I completed this course, like I could conquer the world. Now, I did have temporary setbacks as we all do. I felt very nervous when I was offered my first job shortly after returning home to Nova Scota. This was however short lived and with each job, I gained more confidence and trust in myself.

I now run a successful staging and redesign business, one that I am immensely proud of. I am always looking for ways to enhance and improve our service to give each client the best possible experience. Enrolling my daughter, Kenedie, in the same course is one of the ways that I am looking to do just that. I am excited to have her work with me, knowing that she will have the same foundation and skills taught to her as I did.

I truly believe that being a certified stager and redesigner gives me an advantage over those that are not, and I am so grateful to the Ultimate Academy® for the experience, support, and expertise. I would not be where I am without it.

UpStaged Logo

Justysia Sandoval, USC™

Justysia Staging + ReDesign

My name is Justysia I have completed my staging course about 6 years ago with Ultimate Academy®. I had completed my course online as it worked better with my schedule at that time.

Any time I had a question or was unsure about something I was able to get answers from Eileen and Greg. Even till now when I am stumped, I know I can get help from them. 

At the beginning, I did staging part-time and then just last year I decided to try to do this full time.

My business has grown over the past few months, going from one house a month to 6 to 10. I enjoy every moment of it. I was able to grow my crew to 4! I am able to get more inventory and try different things with decor every time I stage a home.

My goal this year is to hit 100 clients. And keep growing that number year after year. I didn’t always believe in my self. But with all the support I have from Ultimate Academy® and fellow stagers, I am getting stronger every day and believe in my self.

My problem was I was too scared to start, too scared to ask for help if I was unsure about something. But there is so much support any one can do it. If you just believe in yourself, you will succeed in anything you strongly believe in.

Justysia Logo
The Sunflower Staging Co.

Ann Maria Bridgelal, USC™

The Sunflower Staging Co.

I’m Ann Maria Bridgelal, Graduate of Ultimate Academy® and I would love to share my story of starting my own home staging business.

After becoming a mom to twin boys, I had to find a career path that would enable me to have a flexible schedule as well as pursuing my passions and interests. I know that the kids would eventually start school and I would have time on my hands but still wanted to be available for them before and after school.

After helping my parents get their home ready for sale, I decided to get into this industry. So, my husband encouraged me to take a course so I could learn more about the business and what attracted us to Ultimate Academy® was being able to do it in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

We instantly signed up and I am so thankful that I have made this connection. In addition to learning about the business, I was also guided on how to get my own business started with easy steps and lots of templates. In just 3 months, I was able to get set up and ready to go. I am very happy and learning from every opportunity and have also worked with other stagers that graduated from the program. I would highly recommend anyone interested in perusing a career in this industry to get enrolled with Ultimate Academy®.

Sunflower Staging Co.
Simply Abode

Marie Whittaker, USC™

Simply Abode

I completed Ultimate Academy®’s Home Staging Program back in 2016 before I started by business. It has remained the single most important investment I’ve made in myself and my business to this day. I loved the program because it gave me the ongoing support, I needed to start my business and they were there for me along the way during the challenging times and during the successful times.

In the beginning I spent a lot of time building my brand, my website and staging/styling anything I could get my hands on to build my portfolio. I remember taking apart my parents living room to style it for photos, I’m pretty sure at the time they had no idea what home staging was and why I quit my job to start my own home staging business.

Being an entrepreneur definitely has its perks and challenges, but it’s such a good feeling to know you’re building something of your own. My job takes me to so many great areas of the city that I would otherwise not know about, meeting different people everyday and getting to see the direct results of what home staging can do for the sale of someone’s home are some of the many perks of this job. The opportunity to be creative everyday is what keeps me going and seeing my team grow into strong creatives themselves is such a great feeling.

Over the past 6 years we have grown from a team of 1 to a team of 3 and have built successful staging business solely on word of mouth from clients. We have our own studio space where we work, and curate staging designs based on the clients needs and to attract the right buyer market for that specific listing. Our clients are always our number one priority and want to make sure we make the staging process for them as easy as possible. We take on a maximum of 6 staging installs in one week so we can ensure that the quality of our staging installations is not affected by taking on more than we can handle. We pride ourselves on delivering modern and minimal staging designs. Quality over quantity. Every. Time.

Simply Abode Logo
Carrie Kidd

Carrie Kidd, USC™

Magnolia Home Interiors

My love for transforming spaces began when I was young. I finally decided to look at starting my career in home staging and found Ultimate Academy® – I was not disappointed! I completed my course in February 2020 becoming a USC™ Certified UltimateStager™.

Once completing my course, I felt set and ready to accomplish the world of staging. The entire process was very well thought out to give us the best knowledge and skills needed to start my career off with as much success and support as one could need.

Ultimate Academy® makes you feel like part of the family, they are a message or call away. They helped me along the way as I picked my company name, helped with the layout of my brochures and so much more! They showed me all the right steps needed to be successful.

I was still working full time in my job so I slowly started to gain some hands-on experience and fast forward to today, I now have an assistant and we are currently ready to expand again. I quit my full-time job and I’m able to do what I was born to do. With things getting busier and my inventory growing, it’s time to move into a larger warehouse as I would like to start offering rental services.

Best thing I found that worked for me was work hard, gain as much experience as you can and have fun! Build relationships and strong connections, build your brand, and make sure when someone thinks of decorating and home staging, they are thinking of YOU!

I get to meet so many amazing people in this industry and help them during one of the most important and stressful time in their lives. It’s rewarding knowing that my team and I can take the stress away from our clients using our skills and expertise.

I find my weeks go by fast, each home has different needs and well, I get to shop a lot and buy amazing items and give clients a feeling they couldn’t create on there own. I do a good balance of both decorating homes for individual clients as well as staging and showcasing homes… it’s all amazing stuff if you ask me!

Every day is a little different – some days I spend meeting clients and coming up with an “Action Plan,” some days are spent picking items for an upcoming stage or design and some days I go take down and pack away all the décor and fluffy things. The beauty of it all is when you’re doing what you love it, doesn’t feel like work.

Over the years, it has been a pleasure redesigning homes, big or small, new or old. When you get to experience a clients face when they see their new space for the first time, it makes me proud that I took my passion and turned it into my career.

It has some challenges at times balancing what the agent is looking for and what the homeowner needs. I do my best to ensure the agent and homeowner that they are in good hands and that I am here to do my job as a trained USC™ Certified UltimateStager™. Be confident and use the skills and knowledge provided to us!

I have truly been enjoying every single moment of this journey and I’m forever thankful to everyone for all the love and support and constant encouragement to be the best at what we are trained to do.

Carrie Kidd - Magnolia Logo

After You Complete this course, you will...

Home staging graduate usc

Ultimate Academy® - Leverage The Product Line

Offer Your Clients The Complete Suite Of Services

Home Staging Certification Course
Feng Shui Certification Course
Professional Organizing Certification Course
Decorating & ReDesign Certification Course
wedding planning

As an USC™ Certified UltimateStager™, graduates will be able to add USC™ after their name.

You will be able to integrate your UltimateStager™ Certification (USC™) with your other certifications.

Displaying this certification will be an additional enhancement to your credentials and branding. This will enable you to further differentiate yourself as a professional and it will provide multiple income streams.

Our UltimateStager™ Certification will perfectly complement any other Ultimate Academy® certification you may have to best serve your Home Staging clients.

Whether you choose to operate as a Home Stager on its own, integrate it with other businesses, pursue opportunities within the Home Staging industry itself, or simply wish to add the knowledge of Home Staging to your life belt of skills, we are confident that this course is for you!


Ways To Learn

5-Day Live & Recorded Online Class


Save up to $1400

Get 6 Months to Pay Interest Free

If you have any questions or would like to enroll by phone, please call 1.888.883.2688


If you have any questions or would like to enroll by phone, please call 1.888.883.2688