Five Time-Friendly Decorating Ideas

Five Time Friendly Decorating Ideas - Ultimate Academy® Decorating and ReDesign Blog

“A man’s home is his castle”: a sentiment meaning that a man should have the freedom to do what he wants in his own home. While this catchy phrase might seem dated, the thought holds true for men and women alike. Within our own homes we have the freedom to decorate however we want. Our homes are the warm, welcome at the end of a long day, where we can unwind and feel our most relaxed. They are also a blank canvas allowing us the opportunity to decorate in our own individual style. The possibilities are endless!

While the possibilities for redecorating might seem endless, the opportunities to fulfill them do not. Perhaps you have company coming to stay and you require a project to be completed quickly. Or perhaps you don’t have the patience for a long-term redecorating project. Perhaps you want something short-term but free hours not consumed with work, chores and errands come few and far between. In these cases, you might be searching for decorating ideas that are time-friendly. These are ideas that can transform a room within a weekend, by yourself and with the help of a Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™. They are full-impact, room-changing ideas; the only thing they don’t have an impact on is your time.

#1:  Clean, Declutter and Organize

I know by now that everyone has heard the directive to declutter. Although it doesn’t sound very exciting, the fact remains that cleaning, decluttering and organizing a room can truly transform it. Clutter creates unwanted visual stimuli, as well as stress and anxiety. If the end result is a calm and welcoming home, then the stress-inducing clutter must be eradicated. Take the time to empty the room, discarding and donating whatever items you no longer want or need. Simply by tossing anything broken or dated, the room will instantly transform into something cared-for and modern. Finish by organizing and finding a home for everything that will be placed back in the space.

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#2: Paint

In regards to time-friendly methods of room transformation, a can of paint is perhaps the most effective and versatile. It is easy to use and relatively inexpensive; plus, there are as many uses for paint as there are colours. Even if the choices are numerous, choosing a colour is easy with a Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™. He or she is trained to understand the psychology of colour and will help you choose the perfect hue by performing the Ultimate Benjamin Moore® Colour Consultation with you.

To begin with the obvious, painting the walls will instantly transform the look, feel and the mood of a room. What was once dark, dull and drab will feel light, bright and larger. A fresh coat of paint will make a space feel like new and can erase years of scuffs and handprints.

Paint can also transform rooms by creating a new focal point. Giving a space a new eye-catching focus of attention will transform the old into something new. Painting a focal wall or a brick fireplace are just two such ideas. This time-friendly method of room transformation has the ability to lift the spirit as well as the eye.

Paint can also be used to transform older pieces of furniture. A fresh coat of paint will make even an antique look like new, and by painting it you are able to customize the exact look so that it fits your design style. This brings us to our third idea.

#3: Repurposing Furniture.

When looking for time-friendly ideas, repurposing furniture from around your own home will not only change the look of a room, but will save you from having to scour stores and sales looking for just the right thing. The possibilities for uses are as varied as your imagination. For a desk in a bedroom or office, you can use a small table and either paint it or leave it as is. You can use a beautiful wooden chair for a bedside table in a guest room; it takes up less space and gives the room character. A small dresser can be repurposed as a television stand; the drawers can be left in and used as the perfect place for storage. Book shelves can be created from old dressers as well. A bit of customization once the drawers have been removed and its time to fill with your favourite books.

Another method of repurposing furniture is simply to attach wheels to it. Attaching casters to the bottom of a small cabinet or table will instantly create a kitchen island. Painting it to match the colour scheme in the kitchen will make it appear as though it has been custom made for the room. Casters can also be attached to the bottom of unused drawers (such as ones that have been removed from a dresser now used as a bookshelf). These rolling drawers can be placed underneath beds for extra storage.

#4: Replace Hardware

Replacing the hardware in a kitchen or bathroom will instantly modernize it; handles and pulls are very trend-sensitive. Similar to painting, replacing the hardware on cupboards and drawers is relatively inexpensive, and quick and easy to do. Furthermore, it will have an instant impact. Replacing the tap in either room will also erase years from a kitchen or bathroom’s décor. There are many styles and finishes to choose from and all will modernize your space within a few hours.

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#5: Decorative Touches

An easy, time-friendly method for room-changing ideas is to purchase new, impactful decorative items. Replacing old and tired lamp shades has an instant effect on a room, as does changing the throw pillows on a couch or in a bedroom. Fabric is an optimal way to introduce a new colour or pattern in a room. Buying new bedding, replacing curtains or purchasing a new shower curtain are perfect examples of this. Furthermore, all of these changes have the ability to add pops of colour which can enhance the new colour scheme.

By using time-friendly ideas to decorate your home, you are forced to be creative and think outside of the box. It allows you the opportunity to use your own ideas as well as perhaps your own labour. With the help of a Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™, your newly decorated home will reflect your ideas, work and style.

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