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Imagine a Career In
Professional Organizing

Your role as a Professional Organizer offers an exciting and dynamic career. Imagine providing someone with a sense of gratification and comfort when you organize their space.

The primary purpose of a Professional Organizer is to enhance people’s lives. A career in Professional Organizing centers around assisting clients to find happiness in their living spaces.

As Professional Organizers, we comprehend the psychology behind clutter and disorganization and possess the expertise to address them.

Our approach focuses on eliminating barriers. This allows our clients to feel more positive, function efficiently, and utilize their spaces and time effectively, fostering positive energy.

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Do You Love Organizing? 

Do you love organizing? Do you revel in the satisfaction it brings?

Imagine helping others transform their spaces, giving them that wonderful feeling of euphoria. Now, picture being compensated generously for it.

That’s the life of a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™.

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Who Should Become A

Professional Organizer™?

One of the most crucial skills for a successful Professional Organizer is being a people person. Organizing is fundamentally about helping individuals. If you enjoy assisting others, then you possess a primary trait for success in this role.

As a Professional Organizer, your responsibility extends beyond just tidying spaces. Establishing a rapport and trust with your client is essential. Once a strong bond is formed, clients will eagerly entrust you with all their organizing needs.

Even for those who might not find organizing instinctive but are passionate about becoming a Professional Organizer, our proven system will equip you to excel as the Ultimate Organizer™. Whether you’re naturally gifted or simply interested, our system guarantees success.

Your Organizing Business

Your Role As A Professional Organizer

The Model

You’ll learn how to establish and operate a Professional Organizing business using our proven business model.

A career as a Professional Organizer is versatile, making it ideal for both part-time and full-time commitments. Whether you aim for full-time operations or prefer part-time due to a demanding lifestyle, this role offers the flexibility to accommodate your needs.

At Ultimate Academy®, you’ll learn how to competitively and profitably price various organizing services.

As a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™, you can leverage this certification to offer the utmost professional services to your clients.

Many Ultimate Professional Organizers™ incorporate other services like Home Staging, Feng Shui, and Decorating & ReDesign. This versatility allows them to offer appealing packages that foster repeat business.

You’ll gain insights into expanding your client base, generating referrals, and elevating your business. Furthermore, you’ll discover how to cultivate relationships to excel in your market.

If the idea of being a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™ appeals to you, and you’re drawn to the prospect of running your own organizing business, we invite you to reach out to our friendly course advisors. Alternatively, you can view one of our Free Information Night presentations to delve deeper into this dynamic career as a Professional Organizer, proudly certified by Ultimate Academy®.

Maintenance Plans For Your Clients 

Every great business model thrives on repeat business.

Many of your organizing clients may opt for a Certified Ultimate Organizer™ Maintenance Plan. Under this plan, they can invite you for regular visits, ranging from monthly to annually, to maximize the benefits of your services.

The focus of each visit can vary based on the client’s organizing needs. This can include organizing different rooms, seasonal or holiday organizing, exterior organizing, and even organizing documents, computer files, and more.

Your Role As A Professional Organizer

Choosing Your Niche

Your Role As A Professional Organizer

You can be a generalist and offer all types of organizing services, or you could specialize in a particular segment or niche such as:

Is This A Good Time To Become A Professional Organizer?

Yes, it is! In fact, there has never been a better time to become an Ultimate Professional Organizer™.

Although the industry has been established for a long time, we’ve seen continuous rapid growth, driven by increasing demand from both consumers and businesses. The trend of hiring a Professional Organizer has surged, partly due to people’s demanding lifestyles.

Today, we live in a society where individuals often hire professionals to handle various services for them. This dynamic has significantly boosted the Professional Organizing industry.

This burgeoning industry offers immense opportunities for those aspiring to become Professional Organizers, whether they’re looking to start their own business or work as employees.

Being a Professional Organizer is truly exhilarating, as you assist individuals from diverse backgrounds in leading happy, healthy, and organized lives.

Is it a good time to become a Professional Organizer


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If you have any questions or would like to enroll by phone, please call 1.888.883.2688