4 Weeks of Decluttering –
Week 1: The Bathroom

Decluttering The Bathroom - Ultimate Academy® Blog

Spring has sprung and we all know what that means – spring
cleaning! The scent of fresh grass is in the air, the birds are starting
to sing, and your house has accumulated a year’s worth of clutter.
Decluttering can be daunting so we suggest to break it down. Bathrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms in the house so we’ll ease into week one of Spring there.

Week 1: The Bathroom

Purge a Fresh Beginning

  • The Decluttering Mantra: If an item doesn’t serve a current purpose, it’s time to say goodbye. This aids in minimizing clutter and maximizing utility.
  • Target Areas:
    • Near-empty conditioner bottles: Consolidate contents or recycle bottles.
    • Expired medications: They can be ineffective or even harmful. Always check expiry dates and dispose of safely.
    • Old makeup: Old products can harbor bacteria. Regularly assess and discard expired or seldom-used makeup.
  • Action Step: Scrutinize every corner, from shower caddies to cabinet recesses. Eliminate items that are no longer relevant to your daily routine.

Downsize: Prioritize Quality over Quantity

  • Evaluate Collections: We all have those guilty pleasure purchases. Whether it’s an array of body washes or an assortment of lotions, it’s essential to reassess periodically.
  • Be Honest: It’s time to be brutally truthful with oneself. If an item has been sitting unused for months, it’s unlikely to be used in the future.
  • Usage Rule: To maintain a balance, consume or use two items from your collection before introducing a new one.

Sort: Structured Storage

Grouping Method: Streamline and declutter by organizing items based on frequency of use:

  • Group 1 (Daily Essentials): The non-negotiables like toothpaste, soap, and daily skincare products.
  • Group 2 (Weekly Items): Products used a few times a week, like face masks, hairdryers, or specific makeup items.
  • Group 3 (Occasional Luxuries): Those special pampering items, from spa-like hand towels to aromatic bath bombs.

Create Space & Set Boundaries: Every Item has a Home

  • Organizational Tools: Investing in good quality bins, trays, and containers can transform a chaotic space.
  • Counter Strategy: Consider trays not just as organizational tools but also as decor. They can elegantly contain frequently used items.
  • Simplify Packaging: Transfer items like cotton balls or swabs into visually pleasing containers. It’s an aesthetic and practical move.

Decorate: Personalizing Your Space

  • The Refreshed Look: Post decluttering, reward your space (and yourself) with a thorough clean. Wiping down surfaces can instantly brighten the room.
  • Add Personal Touches: Think of functional yet chic elements. A plant can introduce greenery, and a stylish clock can keep you on time.

Bonus Decluttering Tip

Towel Storage: Switching to hooks can be a game-changer. They occupy less space, are easier to use, and can prevent the infamous floor-dropped towel.


Your bathroom, post-decluttering, isn’t just tidy; it’s a rejuvenated space that echoes tranquility and function. As we embrace the decluttering journey this spring, keep these principles in mind. And remember, our next challenge awaits: the heart of the home, the kitchen. Stay with us on this transformative journey!

Jill Taylor, USC™, UFSC™, UCPO™, UDRC™
Certified UltimateStager™ | Feng Shui Specialist™  
Ultimate Professional Organizer™ | Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™
Manager of Student Experience & Tutoring

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