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Personalized Distance Learning

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Whether it is a simple or complex question our team of Certified UltimateStagers™  are here to answer your questions.

We are here to provide you with the right information to help you move forward to great success!

Same Day Marking, Review
& Feedback

Quizzes & Assignments are marked quickly and returned to you with tons of feedback.

With our student focused team, we are able to review and respond to your submissions typically within the same day. This allows our students the comfort of knowing that their hard work and dedication is our first priority!

Live Telephone Coaching
From Your Tutor

Quick question? Need some guidance? Want to tell us about your success? Pick up the phone and give us a call!

At Ultimate Academy™, we remove the distance out of distance learning. We offer continuous personalized mentoring to help you feel connected and engaged. From our Founders Eileen and Greg Taylor to our Manager of Client Experience and Tutoring Jill Taylor and our Social Media Instructor and Tech Specialist Blake Taylor and their teams, we are here to serve you and we are just a call, click, chat, or text away.

No Preset Schedule –
Work At Your Own Pace

Work at the pace of YOUR lifestyle, not others!

At Ultimate Academy™, you decide the timeline that you finish the course. You can work through the materiel as quickly or slowly as you wish – whatever suits your lifestyle.  We want you to be comfortable learning the material whether you wish to fast track and complete it in a few weeks or whether you wish to take six months or more.

Fully Interactive Home Study Course




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Home Study Certification Course

In this E-learning / home study program, you will cover everything covered in the 5 Day Course.

From the comfort and convenience of your own home and schedule, you will become a Certified Home Stager
and be able to take your natural talent and passion for decorating and combine it with our proven system to
transform the look of any property – whether staging for selling or designing for living.

This course also has the full business and sales training needed to transform you into a successful
Home Stager. You will learn how to establish, manage, and grow your Home Staging Business
and fulfill your dream of being a Home Stager and doing what you love! 

Work at your own pace through all of the material and simply contact us via phone or email anytime
should you have questions or need some help with the material.

"I took the Home Staging course through Ultimate Academy®! I really enjoyed being able to work through it at my own pace and found it to be extremely informative. The course material always seemed to answer my questions and covered everything in great detail. The instructors were always available to answer questions and were always prompt in getting back to me. I felt like this course helped me to build the confidence to take on the challenge of starting a business. I am also considering taking another course this year through the Ultimate Academy®. Overall, this course was a great investment and I would definitely recommend it!"
Jyl Valentine, USC™
Certified UltimateStager™
"My name is Ann Maria, founder of The Sunflower Staging Co. I took the Ultimate Staging Course from home and within a few days we were able to get set up and registered. Being a mom of twins, I needed a course that was offered at my own pace and that was exactly what I got. I was able to do my assignments and quizzes from home and send them in when completed. The feedback I got was just always so detailed and very helpful and I always got a quick response which was even more great! The course information was relevant and to the point - everything needed to start your own business. I especially liked how everything was created for you in terms of forms you would need to run your business etc. My overall rating for this company is 5 stars and I’m looking forward to continue working with them in future."
Sunflower Staging
Certified UltimateStager™

You Will Learn Our Proven Staging System For All… 

Urban Markets

Suburban Markets

Rural Markets

What Do Home Stagers Do?

~ We Create Beautiful Spaces ~

Beautiful spaces for selling a home and beautiful spaces for living in a home. Your passion for Decorating and Interior Design
is the heart and soul of why this career is right for you. Home Stagers have many roles, such as:

Virtual Consultations

As part of your program you will learn how to do virtual consultations and integrate this option into your suite of services that you will be offering your clients. 

Virtual consultations enables you to not only provide this service to your local market, but also enables you to offer your consultation services world wide. 

Virtual Home Staging consultations are a highly sought after service in today’s market. 

Why Choose UltimateStager Academy™?

The Philosophy Of Positive Learning

We believe that a positive learning environment with encouraging instructors, very simply, leads to the best results.
Our philosophy of positive learning is enhanced by conducting our courses in small class sizes.
This lends itself to a comfortable and personalized learning environment.

Our class mentality fosters group discussions, stress-free question asking, and ultimately the most effective learning environment.
A comfortable environment, wonderful camaraderie, and constructive communication are all the ingredients that go into what we call the
“Power of the Group”. We believe positivity is infectious and a positive outlook is a major key to success.

Included With Your Course

You will receive a 6 volume, 570 page colour manual set. This is beautifully laid out and easy to read,
including screenshots and detailed descriptions on each subject of the curriculum. This will
be your reference point not only during the program but afterwards as well.

Introduction: You will learn the fundamentals and history of the Home Staging Industry, why Home Staging has become such an important aspect of the Real Estate Industry with such explosive growth and popularity, and why there has never been a better time to be a Home Stager. You will learn our unique approach to Home Staging and why this approach brings success to our Graduates.

Home Staging Consultations: Discover how to successfully plan and execute a Home Staging Consultation – everything from what to bring to checklists outlining step-by-step what to do.

Showcasing: Learn about showcasing all types of properties, utilizing The UltimateStager™ methodology.

All Types of Properties: You will develop the expertise to stage all types of properties – from condos, to occupied homes, and vacant properties. Each type of property presents its own challenges and opportunities – learn to provide the ideal solution in each scenario.

Room Makeovers: Whether your clients just moved in to a new property, or are simply looking to refresh their home’s look, as an UltimateStager™ you will bring out the best qualities in a property so they are comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing to live in. From Colour Consultations to Room Makeovers, here is where you will capitalize on your love for interior design and decorating.

The UltimateStager™ System: It is here that you will learn the tried and true Home Staging method adopted by all Graduates of The UltimateStager Academy™. This proven system will enable you to get consistent and positive results each and every time.

Accessories, Inventory & Furniture Rental: Here you will learn how to accentuate any property through select Home Staging accessories and furniture rental. You will learn how to select and facilitate the best pieces to create the ideal look. Discover how accessorizing and furnishing a home can transform any space into a beautiful space.

Home Staging Visuals: This volume is dedicated to inspiring and guiding you using pictures from every environment and space you will find yourself in as a Home Stager. The hundreds of before and after pictures will train your eye to see things that only Home Stagers see. Refer to this volume for ideas, guidance, tips and tricks to apply to any home or space you transform.

The Business of Staging: Everything you need to know about the business side of Home Staging. This program is designed to have you open for business when you complete the program. Every aspect of operating a Home Staging business is covered – from business start-up, establishing your brand, pricing, and the business fundamentals which will be key to your success.

Marketing: This powerful marketing segment will cover all aspects of promoting your business. Our 18 Point Marketing Plan is covered in detail as well as tried and true marketing techniques including the ever important new field of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Workbook: Your 93 page Home Staging Workbook contains all your exercises and quizes that will be completed as part of your program. In addition, included are all the sample forms and agreements that you will use not only throughout the course, but also while running your business afterwards. Not to mention the six page UltimateStager™ Vendor List containing all the suppliers and vendors that you will utilize on a day-to-day basis. Please note that all forms and documents will also be provided to you in electronic format.

Professional Business Training

While having the knowledge of Home Staging is great, it is all but useful without the business training to transform that knowledge into a successful Home Staging business. For that reason, our Home Study Certification Course teaches you all aspects of running a Home Staging business.

Home Staging Certification

It will cover:

Home Staging Support Plan

Home Staging Support Plan

This is a FREE support plan that is included with your course.You will have all the information and resources you need at your fingertips, giving you the confidence to take on any job and succeed. With our Home Staging Support Plan, you can contact Eileen Taylor directly through the Home Staging Hotline, anytime. Whether you’re looking to place a special order, require access to our team of stagers, or simply need some advice on which accessory to choose, this support plan is in place to help you. Whatever you need, we are here for you. This plan is unlimited and never expire.

Business Support Plan

This after course support plan is also included FREE with your course. We understand that some aspects of starting your new Home Staging Career may be new to you. Imagine having access to your own personal business guru. This plan gives you the friendly & approachable support you need. The Business Support Plan is designed to have you staging and doing what you love, right away! This support system has proven to be very effective in helping many women pursue their passion and become successful entrepreneurs. All of this is provided to you by our Business Trainer and Coach, Greg Taylor.

Home Staging Business Support Plan

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Graduates may take unlimited retakes of their home study course free of charge for 3 years!
Why do we offer this? We offer Free Unlimited course retakes of Ultimate Academy™ Home Staging
Courses to give you peace of mind. Should you feel that given the vast amount of information covered in
the course, that you would benefit from taking the course again, you are welcome to do so.

After You Graduate

Home Staging Certification

You Will:

Course Reviews

Charnelle Taylor

Charnelle Taylor, USC™

Certified UltimateStager™

I recently graduated from the Ultimate Academy™ Home Study Program and I am extremely impressed with the support and feedback that Eileen and Greg provided through the whole process. I wasn’t able to take the course in-class because I am a new mother and the Home Study Program was a perfect option for me to pursue my passion while taking care of my son. I was able to take my time and learn the material at my own pace and with the help of Eileen and Greg, I was able to graduate from Ultimate Academy™ with confidence and I know that I am equipped to run a very successful Home-Staging business. 
Thank you Greg and Eileen for creating the opportunity and empowering me to have a great future in the business.

Bobbi Lee McArthurs

Bobbi-Lee McArthur, USC™

Certified UltimateStager™

Signing up for Ultimate Academy’s™ E-learning /HOME STUDY course was a great opportunity for me to take a home staging course and complete it on my own TIMELINE! It is a very detailed course. I have all the tools and support I need to be successful. This program provided me with full USC™ Certified UltimateStager™ Certification. Greg & Eileen were both very helpful and very encouraging. Thank you!

Leslie Beckett

Leslie Beckett, USC™

Certified UltimateStager™

Eileen and Greg provided me with the most practical and in-depth steps to setting up a Home Staging business that I could have hoped for. It would have taken me years to assemble just the business KNOWLEDGE and guidance that both shared with such grace and professionalism. They led by example. For instance, my framed UltimateStager™ Certificate arrived by special delivery, just as Greg was coaching me on the fine points of selling myself and delivering my service. That was the very special extra touch I hope to emulate in my business going forward. Thanks, Eileen and Greg Taylor for a truly professional course!

Need A Stager Program

Upon graduating from Ultimate Academy™, you will be entered
into our Need A Stager Program. Certified UltimateStagers™ are in
high demand and we are regularly contacted by persons looking for a Certified UltimateStager™ to stage for them. Being in Ultimate Academy™ Need A Stager Program means that you can receive Home Staging leads in your area, directly from Eileen Taylor.

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